WAMPSVILLE — Madison County’s new $389,000 paving machine has been in service for weeks resurfacing roadways across the county, with every steaming layer of asphalt laid down a testament to our CSEA members who Never Quit.

Four years ago, most people wouldn’t have dreamed of that new paver. At the time the county Highway Department contracted out its entire paving operation.

Settling a charge filed by our union, the county contracted back in the paving operations the following summer, which has been reaping the good results ever since.

“The county recognizes that we have a dedicated, hardworking and well qualified paving crew, and we just turn out excellent work every time out,” said Madison County Blue Collar Unit President Jeffrey Colburn.
Last paving season, the county paving crew undertook several major projects, including rebuilding an entire road in the Village of Chittenango, and paving a newly-rebuilt bridge just north of the county office complex.

Now with the new, state-of-the-art paver, crew members can work even more efficiently with a higher level of quality that Colburn said “even the big paving contractors can’t surpass.”

“Doing the work using our county workers, we can control the costs, and more importantly, the quality,” he said. “Nobody does it better than we do.”

— Mark M. Kotzin


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Mark Kotzin has been passionately advocating on behalf of workers for more than 29 years, first as the communications specialist in our union's Central Region, and now in his new role as CSEA's Director of Communications.

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