LYONS — The Wayne County 911 Center recently announced Dispatcher Lesa Osipovitch helped save a life on March 4 by performing dispatcher-assisted Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR). Osipovitch has been a member of CSEA since 2018.

Dispatcher Osipovitch received a 911 call from a resident in the Town of Palmyra reporting that her husband had passed out. Acting quickly and calmly, Osipovitch determined the patient was in cardiac arrest. She entered an event for dispatch and provided instructions to deliver high quality CPR until a field responder arrived.

The Finger Lakes Ambulance and deputies from the Wayne County Sheriff’s Office rushed to the scene. Dispatcher Osipovitch remained with the caller providing calming statements and instructions to give the patient the best chance for survival. CPR instructions were provided for 18 minutes until a field responder arrived at the patient’s side and took over.

The immediate instructions provided by Osipovitch and the efforts of the individual on scene gave the medical crews an opportunity to deliver advanced care when they arrived. The outcome of this one event is the result of a team effort in a quality system – a dispatcher trained to provide immediate survival instructions, dispatchers who can arrange for a prompt response, law enforcement assisting at the scene and a medical team that can deliver advanced care upon arrival. The hospital reported on March 6 the patient is recovering and making progress. The family of the patient requests privacy at this time.

All dispatchers in Wayne County are trained to International Academies of Emergency Dispatch standards and certified as Emergency Medical Dispatchers, prepared to respond when needed.

Kathy Button, CSEA Western Region President says this story illustrates the talent, hard work and dedication CSEA members execute every day to improve the quality of life for everyone in our local communities.

Button said, “We are very proud of Lesa and all of our public safety dispatchers– it’s a very difficult job that requires a lot of training and skill. We are honored to recognize her achievements and value today by helping saving a life and assisting a family in crisis. It doesn’t get any better than that.”

“Dispatchers make a difference in many lives every day but are rarely seen,” said Greg DeWolf, 911 Operations Manager. He added, “Without everyone’s efforts — dispatchers, police officers, medics, and the family — the outcome could be very different.”

-Ove Overmyer


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