We’re stronger when we stand together


Whether you’re dealing with a work site issue or a major change to the labor movement, facing a challenge alone can be insurmountable.

But when we stand together, we can not only meet these challenges, we can thrive.
Throughout our 107-year history, we have repeatedly proven that by working together, we can accomplish great things.

However, to stand as one, we need all of you. That is why during past year and a half, we have focused on reaching out to each CSEA member to have one-on-one conversations with as many members as we possibly can.

Whether you are concerned about an issue at your workplace, or have a suggestion for your union, we want to hear from you.

We realize that we come from diverse backgrounds, work in different industries and have different viewpoints, but our differences are a big part of what truly makes CSEA great.

One thing universally pulls us all together: we all want to provide security for ourselves and our families.

As union members, we have the freedom to negotiate a fair return for our work. Corporate leaders and the wealthy already have the ability to provide for their families; working people simply want and deserve the same thing.

When we are able to negotiate fair contracts, we see improvements to our pay, benefits and working conditions.

But it’s not just about our jobs — we then also live better lives, spend time with our families and friends and retire with security and dignity.

Over the past century, one thing has contributed more to the prosperity of working people more than anything else: unions.

A recent Economic Policy Institute study confirms what we know: that union members are generally better able to provide for their families better than non-union members. The study notes that unionized workers earn 13.2 percent more than their non-organized counterparts in in similar jobs. Unions are the key to closing wage gaps between all groups of workers.

The study also showed that 94 percent of union members are covered by employer-provided health insurance, as opposed to 67 percent of non-union members. Union members also enjoy increased retirement security, leave time and workplace safety and health regulations.

Corporate leaders and the wealthy may have the power and money, but working people have the numbers our country needs to truly make our economy move.

It all stems from our freedom to join together in union. We need to protect our freedoms, and we need all of you to stand together so that we can exercise our right to collective bargaining, and gain everything we deserve from it.

Read more about the study:

— Janice Gavin


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