As this edition was going to press, the governor and state legislative leaders were still working on a 2019-20 state budget agreement in time for the budget’s April 1 deadline.

CSEA members from across the state have been lobbying their legislators to pass a budget that is fair to all New Yorkers.

Work Zone Safety
The recent worksite death of CSEA member Dennis “Matt” Howe, who died from injuries sustained when a vehicle collided with a DOT truck in an active work zone, is yet another reminder of the importance of protecting transportation workers.

As part of the Executive Budget, the governor proposed to increase protections for transportation workers. CSEA strongly supports the reforms proposed in Part II of S.1508B / A.2008A, including increasing penalties for assaults on certain workers, creating the crime of “intrusion into an active work zone” and establishing a public education and outreach program to increase motorist awareness of the importance of highway work zone safety.

Taxpayer-Funded Political Campaigns
CSEA is fighting against a budget proposal that would establish a system to use taxpayer money for political campaigns.

Under the budget proposal, $6 in taxpayer funds would be used to match every $1 in private contributions up to $175. So, for example, if an individual makes a $100 contribution to a senator’s campaign, the state would provide $600 in taxpayer funds to match, for a total contribution of $700 to that candidate.

CSEA strongly opposes this proposal. As the state faces diminishing revenues, there are many more important finance needs, including adequate funding for numerous services that New Yorkers rely upon every day.

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