Suffolk Area Retirees Local activist Rutha Bush, center, was recently named the Retiree PEOPLE Recruiter of the Year for 2016-17. Congratulating Bush at the recent CSEA Retiree Delegates Meeting in Albany are CSEA President Danny Donohue, left, and CSEA Retiree Executive Committee Chair Millie Lucas, right.

Rutha Bush of the Suffolk Retirees Local in the Long Island Region is the PEOPLE Recruiter of the Month for August. She recruited nine new PEOPLE members.

She was also recently honored at our Retiree Delegates Meeting as the Retiree PEOPLE Recruiter of the Year for 2016-17.

“I feel very strongly about the PEOPLE program and that all CSEA members should be involved in it,” Bush said. “These are serious times and we need to know that we have someone lobbying on behalf of us and our right to keep the benefits and pensions that we’ve worked hard to have. Being retired doesn’t mean that I can just go home and not think about what could happen if billionaires get their way and unions are eliminated. The PEOPLE program is our political clout in Washington and I am devoted to keeping it strong.”

CSEA’s PEOPLE program protects and improves our jobs, benefits and pensions in Washington, Albany and in your community. Your support and participation in PEOPLE strengthens CSEA’s clout in the workplace, in the legislature, in your community and in the labor movement.

— Wendi Bowie


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Wendi Bowie

Wendi Bowie is an award-winning journalist who has focused the majority of her career on covering Long Island news. Her efforts have earned her the Press Club of Long Island Media Award for Public Affairs and the Long Island Coalition for Fair Broadcasting Folio Award. Wendi was drawn to her current position as Communications Specialist for CSEA’s Long Island Region because it speaks to her strong desire to champion the rights of the common man and woman.

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