2017 was a tough year for working people across the country, but for us, it also proved to be a valuable year to prepare for very tough challenges ahead.

As CSEA members, we did what we always do — step up, stand strong and speak out for what is right. We have proven numerous times in the past year alone that when we stand together in solidarity, we can win and truly make a difference.

We stood together for fair returns on our work. We urged people to vote NO on the state constitutional convention proposal and to vote for candidates who stand with us.

We also continued our efforts to engage all of our members in conversation to build a stronger, better union, through visits to work sites and homes.

In the new year, we need to continue this momentum as the challenges that so many working people in other states are facing will come to our doorsteps.

We need this solidarity and unity. We need to stand together more than ever. It will be tough, but we can be strong and we can win because CSEA NEVER QUITS!


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