On Nov. 7, New Yorkers will decide whether to hold a constitutional convention.

Throughout this edition, we focus on the many ways that a convention could jeopardize our pensions, collective bargaining rights, service protections and much more. We also discuss how a convention would not only cost New York taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars, but how unnecessary a convention would be.

While education on the convention is key, the most important thing is to GET OUT AND VOTE NO!

Many of you have been asking us how you can help spread the word about voting NO on the constitutional convention. Here are a few ways:

Get the facts

CSEA has been working with New Yorkers Against Corruption, a coalition of more than 100 groups that oppose a constitutional convention. Visit nyagainstcorruption.com to learn why New Yorkers from across the political spectrum are opposed to a convention.

Share, share, share

You may have seen the New Yorkers Against Corruption’s ads on our website and social media pages. Please share these ads on your personal Facebook and Twitter pages, or post about your own reasons you’re voting no (using an image always gets more attention). Many of us who are on social media are connected with hundreds of people, many of whom may not know much about a constitutional convention. The more we spread the word, the better.

Go (Facebook) Live

Go one more step and use Facebook Live to let people know why you’re voting no! Let them know in the weeks before Election Day, and let them know on Election Day. (Please do not create a video inside your polling place or within 100 feet of your voting location.)

The easiest way to use Facebook Live? Download the Facebook App to your smartphone or tablet and follow the following steps:

  1. Click Live as an option in the posting area.
  2. Write something about your live video.
  3. Click camera at the bottom of your screen.
  4. Record your video. Click Finish when you’re done.
  5. When prompted, click “Post” and tag the CSEA Local 1000 Facebook page in this manner” #CSEALocal1000.

Keep your video brief and focused on why you plan to vote NO! See examples on the CSEA Local 1000 Facebook page at www.facebook.com/csealocal1000.

No social media? No worries!

Even if you don’t use social media, you can still help us spread the word! We will have doorknob signs available in the coming weeks, and you can help us spread them throughout your neighborhood. Word of mouth, or, as we like to say, one-on-one conversations, are also important to letting people know about this vote.

Join the Campaign

Reach out to your region’s political action coordinator to learn about ways you can volunteer your time to the Vote No Con-Con campaign. We always need volunteers to make phone calls to other CSEA members, knock on labor union members’ doors or even write letters to the editor.

Flip and vote

You have shared ads, made your video debut and told your families, friends and neighbors to get out and vote. (Hint – Ask them to come with you to the polls.) Now, the moment has come to vote.

All of New York state’s propositions (the constitutional convention is Proposition #1) will be on the BACK of your ballot. Remember to flip your ballot over and vote; flip and vote!


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