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State budget proposes wrong priorities
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Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s proposed state budget.
Plenty of money is lined up for corporate welfare and so-called economic development programs that cost taxpayers millions and fail dismally at producing the jobs they promise. Billions of dollars
are proposed for infrastructure projects, with only smoke and mirrors explanations on how to pay for them.
But, once again, the budget proposals shortchange localities, underfund state agencies and leave human needs unmet. That doesn’t create a better New York for all.
A repeatedly rejected and discredited scheme for local government consolidation is back. Local governments across the state don’t like it and financial experts agree it won’t save taxpayers money. But there it is.
Deficient vision and inadequate funding for state mental health care has undermined services and led to more misery for seriously vulnerable people and saddled local taxpayers with an unfunded mandate. There are more people receiving mental health care in jails than there are
in state psychiatric centers, costing localities tens of millions of dollars!
Likewise, the lack of staff
and resources has strained developmental disabilities services to the breaking point, but there is no budget relief, even as 11,000 individuals and families are on waiting lists for help.
The horrendous examples go on and on throughout the budget proposal.
None of these issues are new, so enough is enough. The governor needs to get real.
 here are bad choices and
misguided priorities throughout
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