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 Make a resolution to be your best
The start of every year is a time to look forward. It’s a time when we make commitments and focus on ways we can be better.
You need to consider what that means as a working person in an imperfect world. What can you do as an individual, and what can you do as part of a community that will be meaningful and long lasting?
It’s a serious matter in a challenging time. The assault on working people’s rights and earning power continues. Income inequality
is growing and it’s at its worst in New York. Opportunity shouldn’t be dictated by privilege
or circumstance. People should be able to grow, advance and succeed based on their ability and hard work.
There’s a lot we can do. It starts with registering to vote and actually voting. There are no excuses. People have died for the right to vote. Others have struggled mightily to gain the right and no one should squander an opportunity to be heard.
Become better informed. In today’s world, there is no reason for ignorance. Information is at our fingertips and it’s simply a matter of interest and effort to learn the facts. You are a stronger, better person when you know the
facts and can act on them.
Make new friends – in your workplace and
in your community. The world is a better place when we reach out to one another and take the time to appreciate and care about others.
Speak out for what’s right with your friends, old and new. We are all stronger when we speak out together. In fact, it’s the best way we can bring about positive change.
Each of us can take small steps like these that produce big results. Changing the world starts with a personal commitment and taking actions at home, on the job and in our community.
 February 2016
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