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CSEA endorses Schumer for U.S. Senate
 CSEA President Mary E. Sullivan recently announced our
union’s endorsement of U.S. Senate
Majority Leader Chuck Schumer for re-election as New York’s senior senator in November.
In announcing the endorsement, Sullivan placed our union’s considerable political muscle behind Senator Schumer, who
has delivered for all New Yorkers during very difficult times, including playing a key role in ensuring
the continuation of the essential services that CSEA members deliver.
“As majority leader and New York’s senior senator, Chuck Schumer has come through for all New Yorkers during a national time of crisis,” Sullivan said. “His
leadership and work with the decision-makers in Washington
to deliver needed federal relief to New York made sure our essential workers kept delivering their vital services, and that New Yorkers weren’t left behind.”
“I am proud to receive the endorsement of the wonderful members of CSEA and President Mary Sullivan,” Majority Leader Schumer said. “From public hospitals to mental health services to transportation, IT, sanitation and public safety and countless other essential jobs, the work that CSEA’s 300,000 members do is fundamental to the mission of both New York state and all our counties. That is why I fought so hard at the height of the COVID shutdown to deliver
the historic $350 billion in aid for our state and local governments
to keep CSEA workers on the job and serving the New York public through the pandemic. Together we will overcome this public health challenge and move New York state and the nation into a full recovery and bright future based on respect and fair pay and benefits for all our working families.”
Sullivan added that Schumer has always been a strong supporter
of workers’ rights and a longtime friend of organized labor.
“CSEA is proud to endorse Majority Leader Schumer for another term as New York’s U.S. Senator, and we will work hard between now and November to get him re-elected,” Sullivan said.
Senate Majority Leader Schumer
CSEA endorses DiNapoli for State Comptroller
ALBANY — Calling him “the best comptroller New York has ever known,” CSEA President Mary E. Sullivan recently announced our union is endorsing State Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli for re-election in November.
Sullivan was joined online by DiNapoli at a virtual meeting of the union’s Board of Directors, where she announced his endorsement.
The majority of CSEA members depend on retirement security from the state’s public pension system, which DiNapoli oversees.
“As the sole trustee of our state pension funds, Tom DiNapoli has managed through very difficult times to keep our pension system stronger than ever,” Sullivan said. “He has maintained retirement security for public workers, kept the fund among the best-funded in the country,
and managed to lower costs to taxpayers, all at the same time. He is truly the best comptroller New York has ever known and he deserves
to be re-elected. CSEA will stand strongly behind Tom DiNapoli.”
Sullivan noted that DiNapoli has
also improved transparency in state government operations and saved taxpayers money by aggressively rooting out fraud and corruption during his nearly 15-year tenure as comptroller.
“New York is powered by the working women and men of CSEA — they are on the front lines, keeping our State running through this terrible pandemic, and I’m honored to receive their endorsement,” said Comptroller Tom DiNapoli. “As we navigate our way to better days ahead, I’m proud to stand with working people, protecting their pensions and their tax dollars and fighting for a recovery that lifts all families, not just the wealthy and well-connected. I’m honored by their endorsement, and I look forward
to working in true partnership with CSEA on building a better New York for everyone.”
“CSEA members throughout New York will be working hard between now and November to ensure that Tom DiNapoli is returned to the office of comptroller in November’s general election,” Sullivan said.
CSEA President Mary E. Sullivan meets with New York State Comptroller Tom DiNapoli at an AFSCME event in early 2020, before the pandemic widely affected New York.
  February 2022
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