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hits safe
Watch for tow plows!
Image courtesy of of City of of Sioux Falls SD
Use caution when approaching
a a a snowplow Snowplows typically operate at at 25-35 mph to to to to to to plow plow plow plow the the the lane next to to to to to to the the the rig According to to to to to to the the the state Department of of of Transportation T ow ow ow ow ow plows are becoming more common in in in in New York The tow plow plow plow assembly swings out
any snowplow creates a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a ridge of of of snow snow snow to to to to to to its side that that can cause cause you you to to to to to to lose control of of of your vehicle The plow plow plow kicks up a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a snow snow snow cloud that that causes total whiteout conditions You may not be be able to to to to to to see the tow tow which can be be dangerous for you and plow plow plow plow operators Because tow tow plows plows are much larger than normal snowplows it is especially important to to to to to use use extra caution Plow zones zones are work zones zones • There is a a a work zone fatality every 10 hours or or 2 3 fatalities per day *
• Additionally there is a a a a a work zone injury every 13 minutes or or 110 per day *
• 45 CSEA members have been killed working on New York’s roads since 1983 *Source: U S S Department of Transportation’s Federal Highway Administration Help curb distracted driving The U S S Department of Transportation’s National Highway Safety Administration (NHTSA) recently released proposed guidelines to help address driver distraction caused
by mobile or electronic devices The proposed guidelines are aimed
at portable and aftermarket device developers to include safe
driver driver modes and reducing driver driver distraction by design The agency is seeking public comment comment on its proposed guidelines Submit comments at tinyurl com/nhtsa- guidelines Spread the word
Watch our members in action Aseries of of 2015 videos show our Town
of of North Hempstead Unit members responding before during and after a a a a severe winter storm January 2017
The Work Force
11 by spreading the word
to to all drivers drivers including H new drivers drivers drivers Share stories about plow safety on on social media and help drivers drivers to to Don’t
Zone Out!
Like us: facebook com/dontzoneout
elp us raise awareness and encourage action Watch the videos at at cseany org/workforce 

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