Page 10 - Work Force July-August 2016
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CSEA members continue to pledge to CSEA’s Never Quit campaign has reached members across the state building momentum to create a a a a a a stronger union
in in the the face of of challenges from those who want to to limit the the the power of of workers coming together for fairness and respect As this edition went to press the the U S S Supreme Court denied rehearing
of the Friedrichs v California Teachers Association case which posed a a a a a a a a potential threat to our membership Although this is is better than the alternative we fully expect an an almost identical attack against us us once a a a a a a a a a ninth justice is confirmed to to the U S S Supreme Court Let’s continue to to organize and educate because we we we know that we we we can stay strong if we we Never Quit!
On these pages are a a a a a a a look at at the the campaign to date including recent efforts in Erie County “I will never quit I’m behind the union
100 percent Having a a a a union
has helped me personally I would not have been able to do it myself The fact that the union
is is coming out and supporting us is is reassuring We need to keep getting stronger — Nicole Strickland mental health therapy aide Buffalo Psychiatric Center
You can’t cross a a a a a a a a a river with half ” bridge it it doesn’t work that way of a University of Buffalo Local Treasurer Mona Columbo meets with Labor Specialist Brent Underwood A A A A University of Buffalo Member speaks with CSEA Senior Associate Counsel Aaron Kaplan right about the challenges we face “I’m never going to to quit because I I want to to protect what we have and because I want — Robert Sweeney Onondaga County Water Treatment Unit President Dasie Lockett-Todd Erie County VOICE/CSEA Chapter makes a a a a a a house visit with CSEA CSEA staff member Cora Murray Yonkers Central School District Bus Monitor Shirley Glover right commits to to stick with with CSEA and shares a a a a a hug with with Never Quit team member Renee Tate 10 The Work Force
ir for things to be be be be fa” the members CSEA members pledge to Never Quit at a a work site meeting York City July-August 2016 July-August 2016 

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