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to to Never Quit!
“The response to the Never Quit Erie County blitz has been inspiring — members all over are standing up together to to sa”y ‘We will never quit!’
— Jessica Shropshire mental health therapy aide at at Buffalo Psychiatric Center
Bob Bostwick University of Buffalo activist right takes part in the Erie County Blitz “I will never give up on on the union
— April Speed state Department of Labor Local activist Relations Williamsville Central School District Unit President John Doerfler center speaks at work site meeting By the numbers Never Never Quit Quit cards are still being tallied with vital member information updated Here is is what the Never Never Quit Quit blitz has accomplished so far:
48 209
11 639
Total Never Quit cards to to date (more in hand to enter)
11 773
Total calls made to members 23 981
Total calls with contacts to members Total members canvassed to to date date (more assessments to to update)
Representative a left in in New The Work Force
11 It’s in m” histor y!
y y family
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