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 to change the face
of Unions, not only
in New York but
across the country,
CSEA boldly entered
into a new Member
Engagement Campaign.
It was our activist
leaders who went door
to door explaining the importance of our Union and asking their fellow members to stay and support each other. Together we have fought back and today our membership numbers continue to grow despite the odds we faced.
Our members need to know that we are listening to them and fighting for them every day to make sure working men and women continue to have a voice. So, we went out there and I, like many of you, was involved in many of our “blitzes” in our Region and across the state. We knocked on doors, we left literature and we had so many one-on- one conversations. We listened to what our members had to say. We heard their horror stories. We heard about the struggles they face every single day. We saw firsthand the poverty that many of our own members still endure even though they work multiple jobs to make ends meet. We also heard many good stories from our members. We had
rigged the economy to
work for the few at the
expense of the many.
They have tried to harm
our families and destroy
our collective bargaining
rights. And too many
elected officials have
done their bidding,
waging an assault on our most fundamental freedoms.
But we have never looked to corporations or politicians to validate our movement. The rights of working people have always been won and sustained by our own desire and passion for change.
It is truly unmistakable — there is a new energy and commitment within CSEA that we have not seen in quite some time. CSEA members and most working people understand the value of union membership and that is why we remain strong.
We are stronger as a union when we invest in our most precious resource — the people and families who take an active role in making their communities better by delivering on the promise of a job well done.
We have the intellectual power to create the fair economy and just society that we all deserve. That means making our voices heard loud and clear at our workplaces, boardrooms
14 The Work Force
November 2019
2019 Annual Delegates Meeting Officer Reports
KENNY GREENLEAF Central Region President
When we work together, we can and do make a difference
Western Region President
CSEA is on the rise
Throughout the course of history and especially during the past several years, Unions across our country have been constantly under attack. Our Union and our members have had to face many challenging circumstances and come to terms with the results.
Together, we have boldly met each challenge head on and have proven that when we work together, we can and do make a difference. Less than two years ago, when voters in New York State were asked if we should hold a Constitutional Convention, it was CSEA, it was you, who led the way and overwhelmingly got the vote out to defeat the referendum. We sent a clear message that we could not be conned. We proved that if we worked together, we can tap into our united strength and power to fight back and win.
Even before the Janus Case threatened
conversations about how our Union makes
a difference — how, if it were not for our Union, their issues would not be addressed. How, if it were not for our Union, jobs would not have been saved. It is this member engagement campaign that we must continue every single day, so we remain diligent moving forward. In order to remain Forever Union, we can never be complacent again.
We will continue to fight back against the morally bankrupt 1 percent that continues to try and undermine our way of life. As corrupt people such as the Koch brothers and the DeVos’ of the world continue to threaten
to take away the benefits and protections
we have fought so hard to achieve, we will vigorously stand together in the face of adversity. We must fight together for the working and middle class. We must send
a clear message that we are a force to be
As we convene this week and in the days that follow, we ask all our delegates, members and guests to rededicate efforts to improve the lives of all working people. We also ask for our community partners and allies to help us bring economic justice to the workplace and to improve social justice outcomes in New York State and across this great nation.
CSEA members and all working people have good reason to be proud. Our union and the Labor Movement is on the rise. We are doing the business of the union, settling contracts, improving health and safety standards, volunteering in our communities, marching in solidarity and organizing new members to strengthen our families. We are getting it done – but there is so much more to do.
For decades, American corporations have
and in legislative chambers all throughout New York State and in Washington, D.C.
Every single CSEA delegate at the ADM has the ability to win hearts and minds
to ensure working people have a say in
the future of our communities by electing candidates who will create fundamental, lasting change for everyone, not just the wealthy few.
Unions and working people are directly responsible for growing our economy, but we are not receiving our fair share. Simply put, we are refusing to accept business as usual and we are now reawakened to the idea we must continue to fight the forces that want to do us harm.
In the richest country in the world, at our richest point in history, every worker should be paid enough to support their family. One job should be enough. No one should go
“We must show them that we will continue to build and organize our Union — that we will continue to be Forever Union and that they cannot take more away from us.”
get sick. No one should be afraid of dying at work or school or the mall. No one should earn less because
of their gender. No one should be fired for how they identify. Everyone should have a voice.
Everyone should have a fair shot and a fair shake. And everyone should be able to join or form a union if they want one.
As we come together and celebrate another Annual Delegates Meeting, we must all take time to remind friends, family and co-workers how much is at stake right now — from our paychecks and benefits to our basic dignity on the job.
My 2019 message to our delegates is
this — if you want to improve your working conditions, change the direction of this country, if you want to beat back hate, if you want a fair and just society and if you want to save our democracy to win a new day for America’s workers, let us join together to strengthen and grow our ranks like never before.
Today we proudly stand with each other arm in arm to celebrate all things labor and to protect the rights and values that helped Western Region President, continued on page 16
reckoned with. We must show them that we will continue to build and organize our Union — that we will continue to be Forever Union and that they cannot take more away from us.
As an organization, we must have experienced leadership to guide us in a new direction. We need leaders who are not afraid of any challenges that we may be faced with. We need leaders who welcome and prepare new activists, so our mission continues.
We need leaders who are innovative and committed to building a stronger Union. CSEA must continue to listen to our members and to their needs. We all must embrace and welcome diversity. We need
to be more receptive to the suggestions and opinions of everyone. CSEA needs to remain diligent with providing the appropriate training needed to move the organization forward. CSEA must make sure we have the appropriate staffing necessary to assist our members. CSEA must prove ourselves more than ever before. Over the next several years and well into the future, if we are not bold enough to make the necessary changes to
Central Region President, continued on page 16
“We are refusing to accept broke just because they
business as usual and we are now reawakened to the idea we must continue to fight the forces that want to do us harm.”

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