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  The Long Island Region Veterans Committee continues to hold several events a year to honor our local veterans. One of their biggest events is their annual car wash where hundreds of dollars are collected to help veterans in need.
I would be remiss if I did not thank our members in DOT, sanitation and parks who clear our roadways, sidewalks and parking lots, ensuring that the public can travel around our area after inclement weather.
I must also mention our members working as support staff around our region, they play a critical role in ensuring our municipalities run at an optimal level. Their contribution is often overlooked and that must change.
These are just a few of the accomplishments of our members in the Long Island Region. It
that members need like putting together fliers or creating a Facebook page. Sometimes, we are just tired. The days blend to weeks and things fall away. Recently, a member called the region office asking why a local did not have
a Facebook page. That person was asked and agreed to set up and administer the page. A
few weeks later, the page has 50 followers and is growing. That is 50 people who now have
a direct link to their local and union because someone was honest about their limitations and not afraid to ask for help. That is 50 people who might have gone years with little thought of CSEA.
Remember when people, sponsored by greedy CEOs, showed up on the Concourse? A member saw them, asked questions and reported all the knowledge gained back to our MSC (Member Solutions Center). He did not do this at the urging of an officer, he did it because it
better represent each member, then we will have failed.
As our Union continues to change and evolve, we all need to be prepared to move the entire organization in a new direction. It can no longer be status quo. As an organization,
we must continually be evaluating and making the necessary changes needed to keep our great Union relevant. As we move into the future
let us all be determined that, regardless of the role that we each have, we remember that every decision that is made and every action that we take is to protect every one of us. We are one! We unite as one! We fight as one!
I recently read a definition of Union as
would be impossible to account for all of the exemplary work that has taken place this year, so I adopted the difficult task of narrowing the mentions down to those above.
Our collective hard work and solidarity is why CSEA still stands strong, more than a year after the worst attack on unions most of us have seen in our lifetimes.
We will not let the manipulative tactics of corporate interest groups and their billionaire cronies take away the rights that we have worked so hard for.
We are forever union! Respectfully submitted,
Nicholas J. LaMorte
Long Island Region President
was what needed to be done to keep us strong. Just before the start of school, the region sponsored an event to help units get the year
off to the right start. Unit officers were invited. Three members of a unit attended because they heard about the training and thought they would step up to make their union stronger. These members cannot wait to go back to the unit and share what they learned, making us stronger.
I hope I speak for all of us when I say, we are not anywhere near extinct, we are people helping people, we are prophets and our collective power is a force. No one is going to write our story for us!
Respectfully submitted,
Ron Briggs
Capital Region President
“Workers who join together with the immediate goal of lifting up all of humanity.” I am very honored to be part of our leadership and to work hard every day to help uplift our members, our great organization and our communities.
As we all work collaboratively to move in a new direction, let us always remember to be more aware and more inclusive. As we come together to share and learn from one another, let us do it in a positive manner, so we are all uplifted and remain Forever Union.
Respectfully submitted,
Kenny Greenleaf
Central Region President
I talked and bragged about at the Women’s Conference in Tarrytown.
Leading up to the summer months, the work continued. It gives me a great sense of pride and joy to announce that our annual Women’s and Education Committee’s Workshop in Atlantic City was a resounding success. We had the full participation of all our locals throughout the region and we had many first-time attendees. The workshops were well attended and informative.
We were also fortunate to be joined by two outstanding keynote speakers, CSEA Statewide Vice President Mary E. Sullivan and Statewide Secretary Denise Berkley. Members also heard from and were welcomed to Atlantic City by Jessica Ramirez, an attorney and advocate for immigrants and workers in the area.
Throughout the summer, we continued to schedule Information Days and membership meetings throughout the region. I have also participated in meetings about the U.S. Census
serving as Southern Region President, as well
as his over 45 years of service to the people of Rockland County working to maintain the county buildings that have for decades provided renowned services for vulnerable people. I would also like to thank Liz Piraino for her many
years of dedication to our region, as well as the fantastic work she has done to rebuild labor- management relations in Dutchess County after years of the prior county executive keeping his door closed to our union.
I cannot stress how fortunate we are to have dedicated officers and a talented staff working together on behalf of our members. I have
seen how many of our officers have navigated challenges including the Justice Center, constant mandated overtime, complicated county contracts, workplace safety, and more. At the same time, we have a professional staff working to support us, who I would like to thank for their dedication and hard work. Much of what
build this great union and our great nation. CSEA members and all workers must always have a seat at the table — because when unions
are strong — workers are strong. And when workers are strong — America is strong.
Respectfully submitted,
Bob Pyjas
Western Region President
and in September, we were honored to be joined at the NYC Labor Day Parade by members and officers from Regions 1 and 3.
Lastly, I want to pay my utmost respect to
a longtime CSEA activist who transitioned a few weeks ago, Frank Cosentino. Frank was the consummate CSEA activist, always organizing, always fighting, always giving his all for his brothers and sisters. CSEA Occupational Safety and Health Specialist Jeff Hyman was correct when he stated that because of Frank, countless lives were saved. Today and every day, let’s continue to pursue with the same tenacity
and conviction, those union ideals that Frank embodied. We’re certainly going to miss him, but he will never be forgotten.
I look forward to seeing and breaking bread with you all during this meeting. Thank you.
Respectfully submitted,
Lester Crockett
Metropolitan Region President
they do happens behind the scenes, from our office staff to our region director, from political action to communications, from our labor relations specialists to our safety and health representatives. What remains consistent is the professionalism and knowledge they bring, for which I would like to thank them.
I want to thank CSEA President Danny Donohue for the wisdom, leadership and guidance he has provided me. His marathon 25 years as President has provided the stability that has allowed us to grow and stay strong.
I invite you all to step up in some way. Let me know how you would like to get involved. There is a place for everyone in CSEA, and I want to see every member take advantage of how we benefit because we’re union.
Respectfully submitted,
Anthony M. Adamo
Southern Region President
 16 The Work Force
November 2019
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