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                                                                                                                       FSubmitting supporting documentation using the EBF Member Portal
rom time to time, members with Open the web browser on your The login page automatically updates If you don’t have a photo of the benefits through phone. Type into with your member ID. Enter your document in your library, select
  the CSEA Employee Benefit Fund (EBF) receive requests from Member Services to submit supporting documentation (birth certificates, marriage licenses, etc.) along with their standard enrollment forms.
Members can now
submit this information
by using EBF’s new online
Member Portal. You can
even access the portal
and submit documentation using your phone.
NImportant Dates to Remember for 2020
the address bar and tap “go.” Of the five main choices, “Member Portal” is at the top.
Tap on this button to open the EBF Member Portal Login page. If you haven’t already, follow the prompts to set up your account. If you have already registered, you will need to enter your EBF ID and your password.
If you do not have your EBF ID, you can tap on “Lookup your EBF ID,” which will open up another window. Enter your
Social Security Number, first initial and last name and tap on “submit.”
password and tap on “sign in.” Once in the portal, you will be able to see all of your enrollment
and eligibility information, including address, email and plan information. You can also see whether your dependents are eligible. You can even order a new ID card if you need to.
Scroll down to the bottom of
the page to the section labeled “Supporting Documents.” Tap on “upload them here.” This action will open a window with a box that asks you to drop a file or click to upload the file. When you tap on this box, you are given a choice to take a photo or choose a photo from your library.
IOption Transfer Period will begin soon
“take photo.” Take a clear photo of the document and tap on “use photo.” A preview of the file will appear in the box along with a progress bar. Tap
on “submit.” Once the document is finished uploading, you will receive a message that all your files have been uploaded.
That’s it! No stamp. No copying important documents at an office supply store. No losing important documents like birth certificates
in the depths of your work bag. Updating your records is as easy as taking and posting a picture to a social media site. Sign up or log in today!
 YSHIP enrollees should start credit to be applied toward their thinking about their health care NYSHIP premium.
t’s that time of year to start thinking including details of benefits, services about your 2020 health insurance and programs, should reach out
expenses for next year.
Do you currently participate in
the Flex Spending Account or the Productivity Enhancement Program (PEP)? If you don’t, now is the
ideal time to get more information about these cost-saving benefits
as enrollment begins in October (enrollment is time sensitive and end dates vary).
Flex Spending Account Open Enrollment Period: Oct. 7 - Nov. 8, 2019
The Flex Spending Account is
a negotiated employee benefit for state employees. A flex spending account offers a way to pay for your dependent care, health care expenses, or adoption expenses with pre-tax dollars.
Visit the Flex Spending Account website at for more information about eligibility and program rules or call 1-800-358-7202. If you are currently enrolled in the Flex Spending Account program, you must reenroll to continue your participation in 2020.
Productivity Enhancement Program: Oct. 14 to Nov. 19, 2019 The Productivity Enhancement
Program (PEP) allows eligible full and part-time state employees to exchange previously accrued vacation and/or personal leave in return for a biweekly
November 2019
During the last round of negotiations, CSEA was successful negotiating an increase to the PEP amounts. For calendar year 2020, CSEA active state members can receive up to a $600 credit (about $23 biweekly) or $1,200 credit (about $46 biweekly) determined by salary grade and number of days forfeited.
PTCP Election Period: This will now be the same dates as the official NYSHIP Option Transfer Period for Health Insurance.
The Pre-Tax Contribution Program allows enrollees to have their share
of the health insurance premium deducted from their paycheck before taxes are withheld. The PTCP Election Period is your only opportunity during the plan year to change your PTCP status (unless you experience a PTCP qualifying event such as a change in marital status, number of dependents or employment status).
The Option Transfer Period dates are scheduled to be announced in November. The Option Transfer Period is the time of year when enrollees
can change NYSHIP options for the 2020 plan year. New York State will
be posting NYSHIP Rates & Deadlines once the 2020 rates have been approved.
Please contact the CSEA Health Benefits Department at 1-800-286-5242 with any questions.
options. The annual NYSHIP option transfer period will be held after the 2020 health insurance premiums are approved.
During the option transfer period, CSEA-represented state enrollees may change their health insurance plans for 2020.
The Planning for Option Transfer flyer from New York State was sent to enrollees in October.
The flyer describes
the requirements
and enrollment
procedures for several
benefits and programs
including the Young Adult
Option Enrollment, Pre-Tax Contribution Program (PTCP) and the Opt-Out Program, (if applicable). This is an important reminder containing benefit and program deadlines.
The publication “NYSHIP Rates & Deadlines for 2020” will be mailed once the rates are approved. Enrollees interested in learning more about the Empire Plan and NYSHIP HMO health plan options,
to their agency’s health benefits administrator for the Health Insurance Choices guide.
Enrollees enrolled and/or interested in a NYSHIP HMO, please be aware that many plans will be making important changes
for the 2020 plan year, which may include copayment
increases, so watch your mail for letters regarding
the 2020 changes.
Important NYSHIP HMO change for 2020:
As of Jan. 1, 2020, Empire Blue Cross/Blue
Shield HMO will discontinue its participation in NYSHIP.
This change only impacts HMO enrollees in the NYSHIP Empire BCBS HMO options 280 (Capital District), 290 (Downstate) or 320 (Mid-Hudson). This change does not impact Empire Plan enrollees.
As we get closer to the official NYSHIP option transfer period, publications, including rate flyers, will be available on NYSHIP online at
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