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       CSEA VISA®
                                                                                                                                                             Watch CSEA communications for all the details and your opportunity to apply!
             Save on your Membership.
  Apply during one of the four open enrollment periods.*
  *Open enrollment periods are
Jan. 1-14, April 1-14, July 1-14 and Oct. 1-14
  1. Save $15 off our $55 Annual Membership Fee $40 + NYS sales tax (100% money back guarantee)
2. Save $30 off our $110 Annual Rewards Membership Fee $80 + NYS sales tax (100% money back guarantee)
3. FREE Second Membership Card
(for another household member)
4. Receive an additional Bonus Month FREE!
For assistance in accessing the application in your area call: 1-800-342-4146, ext. 1359.
All applications must be downloaded and mailed in.
**All RENEWALS will have 13 months added onto their BJ’s membership from their current expiration date. This special offer is not available at any BJ’s Club location. Any enrollments paid by credit card will be auto renewed at the end of the 13-month term. Auto enrollment will be at BJ’s annual 12-month membership fee of $55.00. In order to continue to receive the CSEA Corporate membership of $40.00 for 13 months, you can opt out of easy renewal by stopping at your retail membership desk or by calling 1-800-bjs-club. Or, you can choose to pay by check instead of credit card to avoid auto renewal.
For more information on available discounts, visit our website at
Powered by CAP COM Federal Credit Union
Featuring a low fixed rate, packed with benefits,
and proudly featuring the CSEA logo, this VISA® Credit Card was created just for you.
• Fixed Rate as Low as 8.90%APR*
• Digital Wallet-Friendly & Discounts
Coming October 1: New CSEA Member Benefit
     *Annual percentage rate.
Federally insured by NCUA
                            October 2020
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