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  I was proud to accept on behalf of all the members of CSEA. It’s important to be recognized not only during a crisis but throughout the year for the essential work we all perform on behalf of our fellow New Yorkers.
As restrictions are gradually lifted, we hope to once again begin planning our conferences and workshops including the much-anticipated Women’s and Education Committee’s Annual Workshop, now slated for 2022. We encourage everyone to get involved in the planning. We are also in the midst of coordinating a training for all the new incoming officers.
Sadly, during this period we lost a great unionist, our brother Joey Horsford. I want to extend my thoughts and prayers to his family and friends. Joey served as the President of the Manhattan Psychiatric Center Local and was also Treasurer for Region 2. Joey was a close and personal friend. He was also kind, professional and always available for the union. He will
be missed, but certainly he will never be forgotten.
I am deeply indebted to two longtime activists who have earned a well-deserved retirement from civil service, but will always be part of our union family, Carlota Williams and Althea Green. These two proud, passionate and powerful union women led
members. But if we want empowered units/ locals, we must confront a two-fold issue. We must make sure we attend every employee orientation to make them new members.
We know there will be obstacles, but with that empowered attitude, and help, if
needed, from your LRS, region, CSEA Legal Department or President Sullivan herself, we will overcome those obstacles. Use the New Member Orientation folders available through the region. Have New Member Orientation Part Two and invite the vendors to an event to meet with all the new employees who were hired in the last month or so and confirm they are members or get them to join that night. The ideas of how you do this are endless. I am always willing to brainstorm! The second part is trying to work backwards and figure out who was hired during the pandemic and might not have been asked to join our union.
I know that you all have done the best you could do during a pandemic. It is now on all of us to figure out how to go back and
their locals at Creedmoor Psychiatric Center and SUNY Downstate, respectively, during some of the most difficult negotiations and situations including the pandemic. They have mentored hundreds of members and leave a legacy and a foundation that should be emulated by all. We thank you and honor you, Sisters Carlota and Althea.
I’d also like to take a moment to thank our former Deputy Director for State Operations, Liam Russertt. Liam played
a critical and integral role during some of the toughest months we’ve experienced
as a union. We will miss his insight and determination to get things done, but we know he will continue to fight for CSEA in Long Island and we wish him well.
Finally, we know that COVID-19 is still causing much pain and despair. The annual Labor Day Parade in NYC was canceled, but we supported and honored our heroes during activities commemorating 9/11 that were being coordinated by the NYC Central Labor Council.
Thank you once again for all you do for our communities, members and families. Stay strong and stay safe.
Respectfully submitted,
Lester Crockett
CSEA Metropolitan Region President
find those employees who didn’t become members. The Department of Labor recently held a “CSEA Celebrates” lunch event over four days. They sent a special mailing to the list of non-members to attend the event. The goal was to invite everyone, but to specifically target the non-members and get them in the room with leaders and the vendors so they could be asked to become a member. We must take this task on for our own future.
I hope you know I am here for you. I will do my best to help empower you and in turn, I hope you will go back and empower your members. That must be how our union runs. I believe in you, us, and our union. I hope you hear my words, but more importantly, see my actions. Reach out if I can help. I may not always be able to give you what you want, but I will give you my best.
In Solidarity! Respectfully submitted,
Ron Briggs
CSEA Capital Region President
is also crucial to keep these services in existing communities so people can access them and families can visit.
It is also worth noting that, despite the challenges that the pandemic has brought, we continue to negotiate fair contracts. We’ve been able to make some major strides in some places, too. The best example this year is with CSEA’s Ulster County Unit, where we worked with Ulster County Executive Pat Ryan to negotiate a contract that fairly compensates workers and makes up for some concessions of the past. What was most notable was that we were able to achieve parity for county highway workers. These workers were paid the lowest of any municipality in the area, including the state, and thanks to County Executive Ryan, they now have parity. The contract was excellent for all members, but it was especially rewarding to hear from county highway workers that some can quit the additional part-time work they’d taken on in addition to their full-time job and have more time to spend with their families.
Over the past year, we’ve brought
this region together, both physically and symbolically. We held regionwide information
newly sworn-in Governor, Kathy Hochul. I had the pleasure of meeting Governor Hochul at the New York State Fairgrounds, where she helped unveil a memorial for our fallen DOT workers. We wish her the best and hope to see some positive change and growth.
We look forward to beginning negotiations to secure our state members a fair contract. Our state employees have made their voices heard by filling out contract negotiation surveys and speaking with our contract negotiations team at various meetings across the region. We wish our negotiating team good luck and we look forward to seeing a fair contract for our hardworking members that keep this state moving.
days in Rockland County and Ulster County, making it possible for members from different areas to come together and get involved. While the region information days began because of the pandemic, my hope is to
hold others in the years to come. Not only were our activists thrilled to be reunited in person, the information days were a great
way for members interested in activism to
dip their toes in and see what our great
union is all about and what we offer. The teamwork shown in putting these events together was tremendous. Even where we’ve had differences in the past, including different geography and different jobs, we’ve shown we’re one region united.
In closing, I’d like to thank union members for their dedication they’ve continually shown over the past year. These are not easy times for workers, with all the challenges of the pandemic, but you’ve gone above and beyond for the people in your communities.
Respectfully submitted,
Anthony M. Adamo
CSEA Southern Region President
Regardless of the role that we each have in this organization, I’d like to remind everyone that we are all an essential part of CSEA.
As an organization, we must continually be evaluating and adapting. The biggest mistake we could make is being complacent. There is always room for growth and improvement. That’s a big reason why we join together once a year at our Annual Delegates Meeting to renew our union spirit and enhance our skills and knowledge to keep moving our great union forward.
Respectfully submitted,
Kenny Greenleaf
CSEA Central Region President
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October 2021
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