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 Use Empire Plan network providers
The Empire Plan is a unique health insurance plan that provides coverage whether you receive care from Empire Plan network providers or from non- network providers.
When you or a loved one need health care, make sure you are visiting a participating Empire Plan network provider. Staying in the Empire Plan network can save you (and the Plan) time and money:
• Your out-of-pocket responsibility is usually limited to only a co-payment for covered services by network providers.
• Network providers will handle many administrative tasks
for you, such as submitting claims to United HealthCare.
It is very IMPORTANT to confirm network status before scheduling any visit.
Just because a provider says they’ll “accept” your insurance doesn’t mean they are in the network. To get the most out of your plan — and pay less — make sure
to confirm with providers ahead of time by asking, “Are you in network with (United HealthCare, Empire BlueCross, Beacon, etc.) for The Empire Plan?”
You can search for Empire Plan participating network providers online by visiting NYSHIP Online at and select Find a Provider.
The following is a listing of the administrators for The Empire Plan and the program(s) they are responsible for overseeing.
United HealthCare oversees the Empire Plan Participating Provider Program for medical/surgical services (such as office visits and surgery), as well as;
• The Home Care Advocacy Program (HCAP) for covered home care services and durable medical equipment/ supplies, including diabetic supplies, diabetic shoes and enteral formulas.
• The Managed Physical Network (MPN) for chiropractic treatment and physical therapy.
• Centers of Excellence Program for Cancer and Infertility
• Access to acupuncturists under the Empire Plan has increased.
Empire BlueCross oversees the Empire Plan’s Hospital Program
and provides coverage at hospitals worldwide. BlueCross also oversees the Empire Plan Center of Excellence Program for Transplants.
Beacon Health Options oversees the Empire Plan’s Mental Health and Substance Abuse Program and provides a nationwide network for mental health and substance abuse treatment, including alcoholism.
CVS Caremark oversees the Empire Plan’s Prescription Drug Program and includes a nationwide network of participating pharmacies and a mail order pharmacy.
Any questions about the Empire Plan network benefits should be addressed to the appropriate administrator at the Empire Plan’s toll-free number; 1-877-7-NYSHIP (1- 877-769-7447).
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October 2021
Choosing your health insurance option for 2022
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Public Employees Organized to Promote Legislative Equality
 JOIN TODAY: or (800) 342-4146, Ext. 1404
 New York State Active Employees: It’s that time of year to start thinking about your 2022 health insurance options.
New York State typically mails the Planning for Option Transfer flyers to enrollees in late September. The flyer describes the requirements and enrollment procedures
for several benefits and
programs, including
NYSHIP health
benefits, the Pre-
Tax Contribution
Program (PTCP) and
the Opt-Out Program,
if applicable. This
document is an important
reminder and contains
benefit and program deadlines.
If you are thinking of changing health insurance plans during the Open Enrollment Period, the NYSHIP Plan Comparison tool, available on NYSHIP online, generates an actual side-by-side comparison of Empire Plan and HMO benefits. This tool can help you easily compare and
contrast services, co-payments, coinsurance amounts and special programs for The Empire Plan and NYSHIP HMOs.
The comparison tool will be updated with 2022 benefits this fall at the same time the Option Transfer
Period begins. To access this tool, visit the NYSHIP Online
homepage at www.cs.ny. gov/employee-benefits.
Select your group and plan, if prompted, and
then choose Health
Benefits & Option Transfer; click on Rates and Health Plan Choices
and the NYSHIP Plan Comparison. Select your
group (CSEA) and the counties in which you live and work. Check the box next to the plans you want to compare, and click on Compare Plans to generate the comparison table.
Please watch for more information in The Work Force as the option transfer period draws near.
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