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State Contract Negotiating Team holds ‘listening tours’
 Editor’s note: CSEA State Contract Negotiating Team members recently met with union members who are employed by the state’s Executive Branch to discuss their concerns and
suggestions for upcoming contract negotiations. Meetings were held virtually and in person, where safe to do so. Here are images from a few of the in-person meetings.
   SUNY Oneonta Local member Stephen Hitchcock, left, and Local Secretary Tamra Partridge, second from left, ask questions about the state contract with CSEA SUNY College Environmental Science and Forestry Local activist Mark Poupore, who is serving on the union’s State Negotiations Team.
“I wanted to come to this meeting so that I could make my voice heard regarding the different aspects of our current contract that I want to see changed.”
— Adalgisa Nunez, cleaner, SUNY Stony Brook
CSEA Attica Correctional Facility Local members Bill Keicher and Ronnie Roberts discuss their ideas for a new state contract.
CSEA SUNY Stony Brook Local member Jim Bracken discusses his concerns with the state contract.
“I’m here because I want to see change. Essential workers are the reason why we made it through the worst of this pandemic. We deserve to be rewarded for that with better pay.”
— Hassan Bias, service and repair mechanic, SUNY Stony Brook
State Contract Negotiating Team members Lovette Mootry and Angie Zitto meet with members employed at Attica and Wyoming Correctional Facilities.
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September 2021
“State workers represent a lot of different job titles, so it was important for me to be here to further understand why certain subjects are broached during negotiations versus others.”
— John Lopez, service and repair mechanic, SUNY Stony Brook
Rob Kettles, a state Department of Transportation Region 4 (Rochester) Local member who works on the Pittsford/Rochester Bridge Crew, discusses his concerns about the state contract.

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