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September 11: 20 years later
Editor’s Note: Source material from this page was originally published in late 2001 and early 2002 editions of The Work Force.
When the World Trade Center and Pentagon were attacked by terrorists on
Sept. 11, 2001, public
employees ran into the
buildings to rescue the thousands of people
inside, including other public workers.
Many of them never made it out.
Hundreds of public
employees were
among the nearly
3,000 people who died
that day, including five
CSEA members who
were employed at the
state Department of
Taxation and Finance.
They were among the 39 employees at that agency who lost their lives.
Nearly as soon as the towers collapsed in lower Manhattan, CSEA members from across the state mobilized help those directly affected by the attacks.
Numerous CSEA members helped with rescue, recovery and cleanup efforts at the World Trade Center site, while other union members worked at efforts to ensure security at public buildings; that on-site workers had adequate equipment
and resources. Yet additional CSEA members worked at health care facilities to care for those injured, and consoled those directly facing loss. Union members also donated blood, as well as money, to benefit victims and relief efforts.
Twenty years after the attacks, we are still facing the effects. Tens of thousands of people have been diagnosed with 9/11 related
We will always remember all who
were lost due to 9/11.
Here’s a look at the CSEA members
who died on 9/11. Longer versions of these profiles by David Galarza ran in the January 2002 edition.
 Yvette Anderson:
Yvette Anderson, a keyboard specialist who worked
for the state Bureau of Conciliation and Mediation
Services, was active in the state Taxation and Finance
(NYC) Local’s Social Committee and often cooked for
co-workers. Outside of work, Anderson had a passion
for cooking and had wanted to pursue a career in the
culinary arts. Also active with her church, Anderson
transported elderly parishioners to and from services
and supervised youth ministry activists. She was survived by her husband and two children.
   Harry Goody:
Harry Goody, a supply assistant at the department’s Audit Division, was jokingly known as the ‘mayor’ at work who often gave his opinions, but he was also a helpful and humble person who had raised money for charities. Goody also loved gadgets and trivia. He was survived by his wife and three adult children.
  Florence Cohen:
Florence Cohen, a keyboard specialist, was known as an efficient co-worker who was described by one co-worker as being ‘two steps ahead.’ She enjoyed collecting cups, newspapers and cartoon memorabilia, particularly Looney Tunes characters. She was survived by a daughter.
  Responders, others on 9/11 sites urged to register for 9/11 Victim Compensation Fund
If you were an emergency responder in the aftermath of the September 11 terror attacks, or were directly affected by them, you are urged to register with the 9/11 Victim Compensation Fund.
The fund provides compensation to those who were present at the World Trade Center, Pentagon or the United Flight 93 site in Shanksville, PA at some point between Sept. 11, 2001, and May 30, 2002, and who have since been diagnosed with a 9/11-related illness.
Although the July 29, 2021 deadline has passed, you are
still encouraged to register if you are eligible for benefits through the fund, which will be funded through 2090. The July deadline
was intended for those in the World Trade Center Health Program
who were certified for an eligible medical condition before 2019 and had not registered for the Victim Compensation Fund. Should the person be certified for an additional medical condition after the deadline — it allows that person to file
a claim for that newly certified condition and add it to the non-economic claim.
Thousands of people who were exposed to the toxins related to the September 11 attacks have lived with long-term injuries or illnesses, with many people losing their lives to illness.
To learn more or register, visit
 Marian “Marty” Hrycak:
Marian “Marty” Hrycak, an investigator at the department’s Audit Division, had a passion for books, often reading several at one time. Born in Austria, Hrycak particularly loved history books dealing with Russian and European history. Shortly before the attacks, Hrycak and his wife were planning a Vermont vacation. He was also devoted to his two adult children.
  Dorothy Temple:
Dorothy Temple, a keyboard specialist at the department’s Income Tax Audit unit, had been planning to soon retire due to a knee injury. Originally from Montgomery, Ala. and known as a “very private person,” Temple had a large extended family that she would visit often. She particularly loved to dote on her nieces and nephews with trips to Disney World, Mexico and San Francisco. She was also survived by her four brothers and sisters.
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