Our union has continued to fight to ensure the state’s COVID testing protocols are fair for all members.

Due to CSEA’s efforts, the state has updated their guidance for testing of unvaccinated state employees, including language for at-home specimen collection.

Some members have inquired about the collection of their information by outside vendors and the use of these tests for other purposes. We have been assured by all three approved testing vendors that they do not share any information collected, the tests are not used for any other purposes other than to determine COVID status, and all samples are destroyed within a few days’ time.

View the updated guidance at: https://tinyurl.com/updated-testing-guidance-11-29.

As this edition went to press, the governor had issued a statewide mask mandate for indoor spaces that dow not require proof of full vaccination, including many workplaces. CSEA will continue to monitor any developments to ensure safety and fairness for all union members.


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