WEST SENECA — Wearing matching neon yellow shirts demanding “fair contract now,” CSEA Town of West Seneca Blue Collar Unit members recently packed a December 5 town board meeting to show our union’s strength in numbers.

Unit members have been working without a contract since their agreement with the town expired in December 2020. 

“We’ve been at the table negotiating with the town for a fair contract,” said Town of West Seneca Blue Collar Unit President Brian Cummins. “Every time an offer is made by the town, it’s just a reminder that the work that we do is not valued by town officials.”

Throughout the meeting, town residents in attendance showed their solidarity and gratitude for the workers. Also showing solidarity with town unit members were CSEA Western Region President Steve Healy and West Seneca Central School District Unit activists.

“All I’d like to say is that these members work hard,” Healy said, while addressing the town board. “They work tirelessly day in and day out to maintain a certain quality of life here in West Seneca. They deserve a fair contract that appropriately values the work they do.”

Just weeks before the meeting, West Seneca was hit with around five feet of snow in just a matter of days. (See more, pages 10-11.) Unit members worked around the clock to keep the roads clear for residents and emergency service vehicles and their effort did not go unnoticed. 

“I’ve seen just how dedicated they are to maintaining the quality of life for residents here in West Seneca,” said West Seneca Central School District Unit President Darryl Hertel. “Just look how tirelessly they worked last month to clear the roads and keep this town operational.”

“We aren’t just employees of West Seneca, we’re the residents that the town board claims to have in their best interest,” said Cummins, addressing the board. “If our well-being is truly your priority, then it only makes sense to give us the fair contract we deserve.”

— Madison Ruffo


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