Courts Corner: Tommy McKenna



Editor’s Note: This feature is the fifth in a series that will highlight CSEA members employed at the New York State Unified Court System. The Work Force’s Jill Asencio recently spoke with Tommy McKenna, who serves as 1st Vice President of the Region IV Judiciary Local in our union’s Capital Region.

Jill Asencio (JA): What is your position, and what do you do in that position?

Tommy McKenna (TM): I am a New York State court officer and I provide security in and around the courthouse I work in.

JA: How is this position important to the community you serve?

TM: As peace officers, we provide a level of security and peace of mind for the community, working closely with other law enforcement agencies.

JA: What is rewarding about your role?

TM: Every day is a brand-new day, which brings brand-new expectations along with opportunities to strengthening the bond with the public.

JA: Can you tell me a little about yourself and your role in CSEA?

TM: I have been a New York State court officer for 22 years and a CSEA [local]vice president for 18 years to date. I enjoy my boots-on-the-ground approach and treating all my members and co-workers with utmost importance. I am a humble individual who enjoys the gifts of the new day every chance afforded to me and strive to be the best person I can be.

JA: Why you think it is important to be in CSEA?

TM: CSEA is the governing body watching closely to make sure our employer and employees play by the rules. I believe being a part of CSEA is instrumental in making our working lives comfortable.

JA: As a courts worker, what about CSEA makes it perfect for courts workers?

TM: I believe our wide range of benefits make being a court worker all that more satisfying.

JA: What are some challenges that your local is dealing with?

TM: Trying to keep all our members happy and content is a constant challenge, however, I believe our current challenges refer to inflation and how to cope with outside influences.

JA: How are you (in your union) working to solve these challenges?

TM: We are trying to stay competitive with good contracts and stick together to make our voices heard.

JA: Is there anything else you would like to add?

TM: I have always been thankful for all the hard work CSEA provides for all of us and look forward to positive days ahead.


About Author

Jill Asencio is the statewide communications specialist assigned to CSEA Headquarters in Albany. She is a summa cum laude graduate of The College of Saint Rose and award-winning photo/video journalist and public relations professional. As part of CSEA’s communication team since 2007, she found her passion in labor, advocating for children and New York’s working families. Asencio understands first-hand the value of growing up in a union household and the deep connection unions have in ensuring strong, educated and healthy families.

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