“I’m no stranger to the cold. It’s just part of the job,” says Town of Brighton Highway Department employee and CSEA member Sonia Tafoya.

Brighton— The first week of January 2018 was especially tough on CSEA members whose jobs require them to work excessively long hours while outside in dangerous circumstances. In conditions minus 20 to 30 degrees wind chill with blowing and drifting snow, just getting to work and performing well as a Department of Public Works employee can elevate stress levels and put personal safety at risk.

And despite the brutal cold bearing down on busy thoroughfares and sometimes quiet, frozen neighborhood cul-de-sacs, Town of Brighton Machine Equipment Operator Sonia Tafoya continues to do her best to keep her community’s public services up and running and moving in the right direction during a recent winter freeze.

“Our residents depend on basic public services to continue uninterrupted despite poor weather,” said Tafoya. “The roads need to be passable, the sidewalks need to be plowed, schools and businesses want to stay open and we are on the job to make sure that happens and people stay extra safe during these tough winter conditions.”

“We’re already battling long hours, the snow and wind chill– but when it comes to snow removal, fixing emergency services with our sewer system, road repair and maintenance of our public buildings, the nasty wintry weather can add to our challenge,” said Tafoya.

No stranger to the cold

Tafoya, a 19-year snow plow veteran with the Town of Brighton Highway Department, says she is no stranger to the cold.

“I’m originally from Arizona, but I love being outdoors in all seasons and I love helping others,” she said. “As a Native American, I have an affinity for any type of natural environment and a desire for my community to prosper.”

After almost two decades on the job, Tafoya still admits getting ready for work when the temperature dips below zero requires a little extra time before arriving for her shift.

Her secret to staying warm on frigid winter days and nights is a common theme for most employees who work outdoors—layers upon layers of clothing.

“You must layer up, wear a warm hat, and wear neck warmers to keep the cold out,” said Tafoya. “Just a lot of layers– I also bring several types of socks to work. And I always have plenty of gloves on hand too—no pun intended,” she said with an infectious chuckle.

She added, “Despite being behind the plow and outside in the frigid cold sometimes for hours at a time, we try our best to keep up with what Mother Nature deals us. There is a lot of maintenance work that goes on behind the scenes to keep our trucks running and our equipment performing well.  We take pride in what we do and we know our work is appreciated—especially when the weather is not cooperating. It can be very rewarding.”


Tafoya is a CSEA 19-year highway department veteran serving residents of the Town of Brighton, a suburb near the City of Rochester, NY. Photos by Ove Overmyer, CSEA ©2018.

-Story & Photos by Ove Overmyer


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