Building a committee, building our union



COMMACK — Several CSEA activists in Suffolk County are building a local safety and health committee.

The committee, which is in its early stages, has three members: Chair Tim Hoffman, Co-Chair John Methven and Susanna Lovoi, all of whom are employed by the Town of Brookhaven.

So far there have been two training sessions on work zone safety. Hoffman, who is also a CSEA Peer Trainer, hopes to start training classes on trenching safety in September.

He’s also been trying to arrange for members from the Village of Patchogue, the Village of Port Jefferson and Lake Grove to attend the training sessions in the Town of Brookhaven Highway unit.

Hoffman hopes to expand the local’s Safety and Health Committee to include one member from all of the local’s 41 units.

Since CSEA members hold so many jobs in the Town of Brookhaven, Hoffman thinks it’s only fair to have all of their points of view represented. He also hopes to take the knowledge members bring to the committee and use it to help him develop the proper safety and health procedures for the specific needs of every unit.

Understanding that it’s so hard to get large groups of people together, Hoffman plans on using email chains to get website links and other forms of useful information that is specific to the issues in a particular unit. He’s also working on a survey that will help him get a better idea of the kinds of safety & health issues that effect the members personally at their jobs.

— Wendi Bowie


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Wendi Bowie is an award-winning journalist who has focused the majority of her career on covering Long Island news. Her efforts have earned her the Press Club of Long Island Media Award for Public Affairs and the Long Island Coalition for Fair Broadcasting Folio Award. Wendi was drawn to her current position as Communications Specialist for CSEA’s Long Island Region because it speaks to her strong desire to champion the rights of the common man and woman.

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