How do we get more of our members engaged and connected to CSEA’s mission?

This question has been on our minds for many years, but it is especially crucial now as we continue to expand our member engagement reach through the Never Quit campaign. Of course, visiting members at their homes and at their work sites is a great first step — it allows us to start a new conversation with our members, some of whom have never talked to anyone from the union before.

But what comes next? How do we spark a higher level of commitment among those who have yet to identify as a union activist?

We need to ask them, by name, face-to-face, to get involved.

CSEA held a panel discussion at this year’s Annual Delegates Meeting to discuss what we have learned from the Never Quit blitzes so far. In that discussion, it became apparent that most of our current activists first got involved
because someone personally asked them to step into a new role. And when we approach members who haven’t historically been involved, and we ask them why, we often hear, “No one has ever asked me!”

We have a new wave of members joining our ranks who have no union experience, and who might not have any idea what the union does. I urge you to invite them to come along to a work site visit, or personally ask them to attend your next quarterly meeting. Or, maybe, hand them information on shop steward training, and ask them to discuss their thoughts with you.

And just in case you are reading this, and thinking to yourself that no one has ever invited you to get involved: I am personally asking you now. Join us! Together, we’ll build a better, stronger union.


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