Conversations are a great beginning to an even better union.

More than three years ago, we realized that if we were going to stay strong and meet challenges to our union, we would all need to stand together. We set out to speak with as many of you as possible.

Since then, I’m proud to say we’ve reached many thousands of members through worksite meetings, literature, and best of all, one-on-one conversations right at your doors!

If you’re one of our members we’ve spoken with so far, thank you! While we know there are challenges in every workplace, the overwhelming majority of you have been glad to talk with us.

In every region, as we’ve conducted these activities, reports have consistently come back that CSEA members are generally happy with our union — and even happier we’re there to listen to you. During our recent engagement activities in the Capital, Central and Western regions, we were able to connect with members who live in remote, rural areas. Just like with other visits, our members were glad to see us and happy to share their thoughts and ideas.

This is how unions were built, and this is how unions continue to thrive even in the face of challenges from anti-labor groups. Every one of our conversations lead to our union getting just a little stronger. Every time we talk, or more importantly listen, to each other, we create positive experiences. We learn new things all the time, and we are able to solve problems we didn’t even know existed!

I can’t stress enough the importance of face-to-face conversations in this age of information overload. It’s far too easy for misinformation to spread and our opponents count on this. The best way to fight back is the truth. There’s no substitute for a friendly face relaying accurate information. If you don’t already know who your union representatives are, make an effort to make sure you do. In most workplaces, it’s simply a matter of asking around to see who they are.

By talking with each other and working together, we strengthen ourselves and continue the neverending fight for respect and fair treatment at our workplaces. When we’re all armed with the truth, it makes everything that much easier. As we spread the truth amongst ourselves, we drive back the forces that stand against us just a little more each time.

Our member engagement activities won’t stop anytime soon. We will continue to visit homes and worksites throughout our state moving forward.

While we continue to plan and conduct our member engagement activities, there’s no need to sit back and wait if you have a question, concern, or comment. You can reach our Member Solutions Center simply by dialing 1-800-342-4146 to speak with a specialist.

The most encouraging thing as we’ve been doing this is reaffirming what we knew to be true back when we started — CSEA members are with us, and you aren’t fooled by empty promises made by our anti-union opponents. Stay union, stay strong, my brothers and sisters, and we will continue to stand together to demand all the respect and fair treatment we all deserve.


About Author

Jason Hosier is a Graphic Production Specialist for CSEA. He has experience in graphic design, website design and management, database management, marketing and communications. Before joining the CSEA Communications Department in the spring of 2015, Jason was an IT Support Specialist within the CSEA Organizing Department tasked with creating and managing a website, graphic design, database management and email campaigns.

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