CICERO — The Town of Cicero celebrated the ribbon cutting of its new highway garage which will be home base for a number of CSEA employees in Local 834.

“This is a great facility, brand new facility. It’s six times the size of the old one. It’s an investment for the future of our workforce here in the Town of Cicero. The members are happy with the new facility and it’s the best thing for the future,” Local 834 President Dan Vadala said.

Cicero Town Supervisor Mark Venesky credited CSEA for being vital in getting the vote out for the project.

“It’s not just an investment on the trucks, the building, but it’s an investment on the labor force … It was a real team effort. Any support that was needed was given by the union to really enforce the fact that we need a new building,” Unit President Justin Pettersen said.

CSEA also assisted in helping ensure a number of safety features and standards were implemented to keep the workforce safe.


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