For the second consecutive year, CSEA designated May 20 as CSEA Appreciation Day to publicly recognize CSEA members for the work they do every day that keeps our communities and state running.

The value of the essential services that CSEA members deliver was never more evident than throughout the pandemic. Even as COVID-19 hit our communities hard, tens of thousands of CSEA members remained on the job providing many critical services to people throughout the state.

Union officers and activists recognized members by placing lawn signs outside workplaces around the state to appreciate their co-workers working tirelessly providing essential public services.

CSEA President Mary E. Sullivan

CSEA President Mary E.

“We’re posting these signs across the state to appreciate the public service workers who keep our communities running, because all public service workers are essential,” CSEA President Mary E. Sullivan said. “If you live or work in New York, CSEA members touch your life in so many ways. We deliver services that enhance your quality of life, every day, around the clock.”

Sullivan also hopes the public will recognize CSEA members for their service.
“It’s important we recognize CSEA members for the valuable contributions they make in our communities, but we want the public to recognize their dedication as well,” Sullivan said. “CSEA members touch lives in so many different ways, every day, making your lives better.”

Here are images from across the state of CSEA members being recognized.



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