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Longtime CSEA employee Kathy Cahalan retires
 CSEA Director of Human Resources Kathy Calahan recently retired, capping a long career with our union.
Kathy began her professional career in 1986 as CSEA’s Coordinator of Retiree Programs and since that time has held multiple leadership roles in our union’s Field Operations and Organizing and Member Relations departments.
In 1998, Kathy stepped into
the role as CSEA’s Director of
Human Resources and Building Management, a post in which she would remain for more than 20 years.
In that position, Kathy played a key role in not only ensuring sound management of our union’s buildings but oversaw policies affecting union staff.
As the COVID-19 pandemic affected New York and led to unprecedented circumstances for all, Kathy was instrumental in leading efforts for CSEA staff to continue to provide union services as safely as possible.
Kathy had also served as CSEA’s voice to the Advisory Council of the Assembly’s Committee on Aging, countless labor management committees, staff advisor to the Women’s, Human Rights and Personnel Committees and Chief Spokesperson for internal labor negotiations.
In 2000, Kathy received the Irene Carr Leadership Award for bringing the concerns of women to the forefront of the labor movement.
In each of her CSEA roles, Kathy’s
Kathy Cahalan accepts
our union’s Irene Carr Leadership Award in 2000.
guiding principles have been to treat CSEA’s workforce with dignity, respect and fairness; modeling what CSEA fights for day in and day out.
Dedicated to unionism
Even off the job, our union has long played an important role
in Kathy’s life. Her father was a longtime CSEA member who had worked for the state Department of Health and had run for a seat on our union’s Board of Directors.
She graduated from SUNY Plattsburgh and the University
of Albany, where CSEA members provide essential services, with degrees in political science and a Master’s of Social Work, both of which she used extensively during her 35-year career with CSEA.
Kathy also met her husband
at CSEA, and her two children experienced New York State- sponsored daycare programs that were championed by Carr.
Kathy plans to join our union’s Retiree Division. Laura Gouveia, a longtime CSEA employee, recently stepped into the role of Director of Human Resources.
“We wish Kathy all the best
in retirement, after such a long career supporting CSEA members and staff,” CSEA President Mary E. Sullivan said. “We will miss her, and I thank her for her decades of service and friendship.”
Kathy Cahalan with members and former members of our union’s
Human Resources team during the 2019 CSEA staff conference, which
the department is key to planning. From left, Cahalan, Human Resources Secretary Sonja Gaddy, Human Resources Generalist Mary Beth Hall, now Director of Human Resources Laura Gouveia and former Human Resources staff member Jacob Barkman. (Photo provided by Laura Gouveia)
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December 2021
Kathy Cahalan emcees a 2018 staff conference program. (Photo by Joan Heffler)
Former CSEA President Danny Donohue poses with Kathy Cahalan during the 2015 staff conference. (Photo by Joan Heffler)
CSEA Director of Research Don Kelly and Kathy Cahalan pose during the 2012 staff conference. (Photo by Joan Heffler)
Kathy Cahalan emcees a 2019 staff conference program. (Photo provided by Laura Gouveia)

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