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 CSEA updates our My CSEA mobile app to enhance user experience, features
ALBANY — The professional staff in our union’s Information Technology Department have released a brand-new update to our union’s mobile smartphone application.
This update enhances the user experience and gives access to new tools to make it more useful for CSEA members and leaders. The new version of My CSEA mobile app is available for download today at: mycseaapp.
“I’m excited to make this
new update available to union leaders and members,” said CSEA President Mary E. Sullivan. “It includes updates our activists have been requesting, and should allow members to get even easier access to the information they need from our union.”
According to CSEA Chief Information Officer Amrit Singh, highlights of the new version include:
• Single sign-on: Now, members need to only remember one set of sign-on credentials.
If you’re registered on
the website, you are automatically registered on the mobile app. You can now sign on to the app using your CSEA website credentials;
• A streamlined and intuitive user interface;
• The welcome page now shows your region, local and unit;
• Contacts are more personalized to you, showing your region, local and unit officer contact information;
• The ability to change your demographic information instantly. You can now update your home address, phone number, work address, work phone, title and email address from the app instantly. You no longer have to wait 24 hours for changes to show;
• Quick searches on the app using a keyword;
• QR codes to easily allow co-workers to access
online application forms, including union membership applications and the free $10,000 Accidental Death Benefit beneficiary form;
• A membership application scanner for leaders to electronically submit paper-based new member applications; and
• The ability for leaders to send members one-way push notifications.
“In revising our mobile app,
we took the feedback we’ve been getting since we launched the original version, and incorporated much of that into the new
version to make it even more useful,” Singh said. “We will continue to improve and add more functionality to our mobile platform to make it easy for members to access information about their union.”
The My CSEA mobile app is available for both iOS and Android platforms.
— Mark M. Kotzin
        STAY CONNECTED with our union!
The newly-updated My CSEA smartphone app, available for Apple and Android devices, keeps you connected to
our union and provides important information about your representation and benefits. It’s all just a touch away!
Download the app today and GET CONNECTED!
Find it on the Apple & Android App Stores (search for My CSEA), or visit for direct download links.
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