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 EBF welcomes new local government units in 2021
For 40 years, the CSEA Employee Benefit Fund (EBF) has been providing local government CSEA members with dental, vision and reimbursement benefits designed to keep members healthy and save them money.
Since 1981, when local government units began to negotiate EBF benefits into their contracts, we have welcomed more than 600 new units.
In 2021, 23 local government bargaining units recognized the value of adding new benefits, upgrading their EBF benefits or negotiating EBF benefits for the first time into their contracts.
Our EBF marketing team worked with negotiating teams, members and regional staff by conducting virtual meetings, conference calls and socially distant enrollment days to get the job done. These units leave a legacy of a strong contract with great benefits for their members for years to come.
The EBF would like to welcome the newest local government units to recognize that better benefits make a better contract. The following groups are new to the EBF (in bold), added new EBF benefits or upgraded their EBF benefits in 2021.
Long Island Region:
Bayport Blue Point Teacher Aides and Teacher Assistants - Member Plus Dental and Vision Massapequa UFSD Café - Member Plus Dental
Connetquot CSD Transportation - Platinum 12 Vision
Merrick CSD - Added Gold 12 Vision
Village of Bayville - Member Plus Dental and Vision
Manhasset Lakeville Water District - Upgraded to Gold 12 Vision
Southern Region:
Clarkstown CSD Security Unit - Added Equinox Dental
Village of Scarsdale - Sunrise Dental and Gold 12 Vision
Town of Shandaken - Sunrise Dental and Gold 12 Vision Rondout Valley CSD Café - Added Member Plus Dental
Rondout Valley CSD Custodial - Added Member Plus Dental
Capital Region:
Town of Moores - Member Plus Dental
South Colonie CSD - Member Plus Dental and Vision
Guilderland Public Library - Gold 12 Vision
South Colonie CSD - Sunrise Dental
Troy CSD - Member Plus Vision Albany County Water Purification
- Sunrise Dental, Gold 12 Vision, Hearing Aid Reimbursement
North Country Community College - Added Member Plus Vision
Central Region:
Town of Andes - Equinox Dental and Platinum 12 Vision
Town of Otsego - Member Plus Dental and Vision
Village of Watkins Glen - Dutchess Dental and Platinum 12 Vision Tompkins County Public Library
- Dutchess Dental and Platinum 12 Vision
Port of Oswego - Gold 12 Vision Belleville Henderson CSD - Adding Member Plus Vision
Western Region:
Livingston County Water and Sewer - Sunrise Dental and Gold 12 Vision
  Important reminders for 2022 enrollment
Now is the time to think about health care expenses for next year. State employees who are considering participating in the negotiated cost-saving programs still have time to enroll, but the deadlines for the 2022 plan year are fast approaching.
Productivity Enhancement Program (PEP) allows eligible CSEA active state employees to exchange previously accrued annual leave (vacation) and/
or personal leave up to $600 credit (about $23 biweekly) or $1,200 credit (approximately $46 biweekly) to be applied
to the employee share of the NYSHIP premium. The amount is determined by salary grade and the number of days forfeited. If you wish to enroll in the PEP program, act promptly as the enrollment period for 2022 ends on Nov. 29, 2021.
The Flex Spending Account (FSA)
offers three negotiated benefits
to state employees – the Health Care Spending Account (HCSA), the Dependent Care Advantage Account (DCAA), and the Adoption Advantage Account.
These are types of flexible spending accounts that give enrollees a way to pay health care, dependent care, or adoption expenses with pre-tax dollars. Enrollment in the FSA is voluntary — you can decide to enroll in any or all of the benefits and choose how much to have taken out of your paycheck to pay for your eligible expenses.
The Health Care Spending Account is used for medical, hospital, laboratory, prescription, dental, vision, hearing and other expenses that are not reimbursed by your health insurance or benefit plan. Additional eligible expenses can include:
• Over-the-counter drugs and supplies
• Breast pumps
• Contact lenses
• Laser eye surgery
• Orthodontia (verify
reimbursement policy with
• Menstrual care products
The Dependent Care Advantage Account (DCAA) can be used if you are paying for dependent care expenses to work. Benefits can be available for child care (up to age 12), elder care expenses, expenses for a spouse or other dependent of any age who is mentally or physically incapable of self-care. Eligible expenses can include:
• Before or after school programs
• Child care center
• Family daycare provider • Summer/sports day camp
The Adoption Advantage Account
can be used to make pre-tax payroll deductions to help pay for an adoption that meets the IRS’s definition of a qualified adoption.
Participants in the Flex Spending Account (FSA) should note that the 2022 plan year will begin on Jan. 1, 2022. If you have questions about eligibility or program rules, visit the Flex Spending Account website at or call 1-800-358-7202.
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