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FOA is proud to be CSEA’s only endorsed, statewide law firm for over 25 years.
Happy to help members and their families with:
Workers’ Compensation Personal Injury
Social Security Disability Benefits
Veterans’ Disability
Powered by CAP COM Federal Credit Union
  CSEA Platinum Visa Credit Card with Rewards  Low, Fixed Rate of 8.90%APR*
 No Annual Fees
 No Balance transfer fees
CSEA Classic Visa Credit Card  Low, Fixed Rate of 12.90%APR*  No Annual Fees
 No Balance transfer fees
 No Cash Advance Fees
  No Cash Advance Fees
If you have a balance on a higher-rate card, transfer it to your CSEA Visa with no balance transfer fees.
 CSEA Platinum Card Holders: Earn 2x Rewards Points on the CSEA Platinum Credit Card during the month of December! or call 844-622-CSEA (2732)
*Annual percentage rate. When you apply, an application review determines which type of card you may be eligible to receive. Each card offers certain advantages with some benefits shared across all cards. Foreign transaction fee is the exchange rate + 1% of the transaction.
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