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We must work together to build
As a new year begins, I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who helps to make CSEA a great union.
Your dedication to securing and protecting the rights and the safety of working people in New York is uplifting and inspiring. In a world that seems hell-bent on eroding the valuable services and support that we proudly provide
to the community, I know that we will continue to persevere as we always have.
I am confident in this because we spent 2016 reaching out and engaging other CSEA members in one-on-one conversations about what it means to be in a union. We are laying a stronger foundation for the future. No matter what the U.S. Supreme Court does in the coming year, it will not affect us if we do our jobs and hold one another accountable to never quit on each other and never quit fighting for what we believe in.
For 2017, we are looking ahead to a January blitz where we will begin a more robust program, doubling down on our efforts to ensure everyone understands
         4 The Work Force
January 2017
the single most powerful entity tasked with ensuring a better life for working people is organized labor. We must expand on these efforts across the state and we will need everyone’s help and input to make it happen. Our recent Annual Delegates Meeting proved the energy and willingness is there for us to continue engaging all of our members in new and creative ways.
We must build on this momentum to grow and strengthen the labor movement in New York and to advance the agenda of working people in the upcoming legislative session. Also, we will work together to aggressively pursue the defeat of the Constitutional Convention initiative that will be on New York ballots this November.
Thank you again for all your efforts, and for continuing to make CSEA the best damn union in the country. There is much work to be done...let’s get to it!

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