Hundreds of CSEA members have reported recently getting emails and receiving postcards in the mail from unknown, out-of-state entities asking them to click links, scan a QR code or fill out postcards with their personal information and mail them back.

Some of these mailings are fraudulently labeled with a return address as “CSEA President” – these mailings are NOT coming from CSEA.

This correspondence is coming from anti-union organizations that are trying to scam CSEA members into quitting our union. These organizations are also seeking members’ personal information.

The postcards and emails are loaded with misleading statements, and these groups are using divisive methods and clever schemes to try to scam members into quitting and providing personal information.

When it comes to clicking unknown links or providing personal information, CSEA members should always be suspect. Legitimate companies and organizations will never ask members to quit our union. 

CSEA Director of Member Engagement Adam Acquario advised members to never give their personal information to unknown entities, to not sign anything or mail their information to another state or organization and to not respond to any suspicious emails, phone calls, mailings and home visits from unknown groups. Also, members should not click on links that supposedly give an option to unsubscribe from emails, as unsubscribing would in fact verify the email as valid.

“If someone on the phone is asking you to quit your union, it’s a scam. Stop right there and hang up,” said Acquario. “They have even hired out-of-state actors to visit worksites and homes.” 

CSEA members should also not give to unknown groups their financial information such as bank account or credit card numbers. Members are advised to continually monitor their financial statements. 

CSEA officers and activists on the front lines are increasingly seeing this suspicious activity. Once these groups get personal and financial information, there is no telling how or where they will use it. 

Acquario noted a few ways that scammers have targeted union members. These groups may use members’ information or likenesses in future mailings or advertisements, and possibly even steal one’s identity. The scammer may also promise to pay members a check for quitting our union – that will never arrive.

Victims may unknowingly end up being removed from our union without even knowing it. 

This isn’t just an attack on our union, but an attack on CSEA members and their livelihoods.

These groups are determined to go after our union-protected contracts to lower wages, cut benefits, eliminate pensions and leave CSEA members without proper representation. Together, we will make sure that doesn’t happen.

For more information, CSEA members should contact their labor relations specialist or region office, and/or call our union’s Member Solutions Center at 800-342-4146800-4146 or visit


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