ALBANY — Gov. Kathy Hochul’s proposed New York State Budget recognizes the persistent understaffing of state and municipal workforces and provides funding to implement new policies to recruit and retain public employees. 

Recruitment and retention is one of CSEA’s top budget priorities. The public workforce is facing a labor shortage, and this problem will become more severe because 25% of state employees are eligible to retire in the next five years. 

State and local governments must get the funding and other tools necessary to recruit and retain a strong workforce to ensure that New Yorkers receive the services that they need. 

The budget includes several civil service reforms that our union supports. CSEA is also proposing ideas to further increase community access to potential public job opportunities. For more details, see the graphic on this page. 

In addition to workforce initiatives, the governor proposes massive financial investments in public schools, new funding for SUNY campuses and SUNY hospitals, an increase in the Medicaid reimbursement rate, expanded inpatient service opportunities in the Office of Mental Health and increased funds for CSEA-represented child care providers. 

The $227 billion spending plan also does not include any facility closures, bed reductions or service cuts. 

“From what we’ve seen in this year’s proposed state budget, it’s clear that Governor Hochul recognizes the value of public service and investing in the recruitment efforts needed to provide and maintain that service,” said CSEA President Mary E. Sullivan. “For too many years, the state and local workforce has been decimated, making it harder to provide the services the citizens of New York State depend on.” 


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