Mary E. Sullivan: We have the power to make real change


Our union faces many challenges, which include the need to retain and involve current members, recruit and train new members and keep our Retiree members involved and engaged.

There is a lot of work that needs to be done, but I am certain about one thing.

Our union will once again meet the challenges before us because when we work together and stand strong, there is nothing we can’t do. Working people like us are the backbone of New York State, and we have the power to make real and positive change.

To accomplish our goals, we need to ensure that members have the knowledge and the skills to help our union stay strong.

During our union’s recent 113th Annual Delegates Meeting, we focused on helping members further develop skills in leadership, representation and encouraging member involvement. These trainings provided the tools CSEA leaders need to help us keep our union strong.

I hope that all who participated in the ADM take the energy they showed during the meeting to meet our challenges. Our members are our union, and our members shape our union. Let’s get out there and show our power!

On Election Day, we have yet another chance to show the power of working people. This year, voters in New York will elect candidates to local government offices. These races are extremely important, as these elected leaders make important decisions that directly affect our lives every day. In these local races, every single vote counts.

The members of our union’s political action committees have recommended that CSEA endorse candidates in many of these races. Their recommendations are based upon the candidate’s positions on issues that affect CSEA members, not political affiliation. To see endorsements and get important information, visit No matter what candidates you support, we encourage all of you to get out and vote. Your vote is your voice. Make your voices heard.

This month, we commemorate Veterans Day. I encourage you to take a moment to thank all of those who have served or are currently serving our country, including many of our union members. Let us honor our veterans’ service and patriotism while recognizing the deep sacrifices they make in doing so.

In solidarity,

Mary E. Sullivan, President


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