As we begin to look into reopening our state, CSEA wants to remind all New Yorkers how YOU — our public service workers — are helping us through this crisis.

As our frontline workers, you stepped up, heeding every call to help, regardless of risk or obstacles. You were there for all of us in our communities during our time of need, often at great personal sacrifice to you and your families. We will never forget that or allow you or your services to be taken for granted.

While New York faced the worst of this pandemic, you honored your commitment to public service. Your caring spirit and tireless dedication to the people you serve was incredible.

You kept our school children fed. You kept our roads and highways safe and drivable. You took care of our most vulnerable citizens in nursing homes, group homes and in our mental health facilities. You kept our communities safe. You fought to prevent the spread of this virus. You cared for those who got sick. You answered the calls for emergency services. You helped provide care for children of first responders. You picked up our trash. You made sure our water was drinkable. You assisted people who lost their jobs get access to help. You did all this, and so much more.

Whether you work from home, or at your workplace, you play a huge role in helping us through this crisis, and for that, you have our unending thanks.

As we recognize your service, we promise to continue working to keep you safe on the job, and make sure you get the recognition you deserve for your sacrifices. This will be especially difficult at a time when our state and localities are facing massive budget gaps due to this crisis. That’s why we’re fighting so strongly for federal funding to help get us back on track and preserve our essential services, and your job. We will continue to take a leadership role in pushing for this vital funding, and your help is needed to get us across the finish line.

We know there is strong support across the country to fund public services. We have to make all our voices heard with our representatives in Washington to make sure they deliver for us. The last thing you deserve for your public service is a pink slip. We will not be able to reopen our communities and our economy if our public service workers are suddenly put out of work.

We honor your commitment to public service and to helping our communities recover. We call on the general public and our elected government leaders at all levels to do the same.

Thank you for your remarkable service.

In solidarity,
Mary E. Sullivan, President


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