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Credit: 2011 Wisconsin Act 10. (2017, March 25). Wikipedia

May Work Force: ‘It can happen anywhere’
The May Work Force is out and available for you to read online! This edition includes an in-depth look at how Wisconsin’s public employees were devastated by that state’s Act 10 legislation and why it can happen anywhere, and why voting no on the Constitutional Convention is so important; a wrap-up of the enacted New York State Budget and so much more!
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UPDATE: State Executive Branch Longevity Lump Sum Checks
CSEA is currently in discussions with the State Comptroller’s office in an effort to resolve issues with the longevity payments to State Executive Branch members. Stay tuned for more details.

Important notice regarding State Executive Branch Longevity Lump Sum checks
Members in the State Executive Branch receiving Longevity Lump Sum checks should be aware that the state has taxed those payments using the Supplemental Flat Rate (25 percent federal and 9.62 percent New York State tax rates), which typically results in larger tax withholdings. If this results in an “over” withholding, you will receive a tax refund next year. This is not something CSEA negotiated or was aware of prior to its implementation.

* Because the state unilaterally implemented this change without notice, discussion or negotiation with CSEA, we are exploring all of our available options, including a potential Improper Practice Charge and/or grievance.*


New York State Budget
The governor and legislature reached an agreement on a full 2017-18 state budget after operating under a short-term budget extender for a week. CSEA was able to fight back many of the more harmful proposals in the governor’s Executive Budget, while also successfully advocating for several proposals that will help CSEA members.
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CSEA President Danny Donohue slams Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s 2017-18 state budget proposal
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Provider Appreciation Dayweb

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Child Care Provider Appreciation Day is May 12, 2017
Since 1996, National Child Care Provider Appreciation Day is celebrated annually on the Friday before Mother’s Day to recognize and thank child care providers across the nation for the extraordinary work they do.  This year, National Child Care Provider Appreciation Day will be celebrated on Friday, May 12, 2017. Consider thanking and recognizing your child’s provider in a meaningful way this Child Care Provider appreciation day!




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Read This Week in Albany
The latest edition of This Week in Albany is available to read online by clicking the link below.
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CSEA member Ted Forker cuts electric bill to nearly zero
Watch this video about Ted Forker’s recent decision to go solar with CSEA and American Solar Partners and how it was a game changer for his family!


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CSEA in negotiations with New York State on new contract for 66,000 Executive Branch employees

CSEA is in negotiations with the Cuomo administration on a new contract for 66,000 New York State Executive Branch employees. The current agreement expires March 31. Read full story

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