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A screenshot from our “Before the Storm” video that highlights how our members at the Town of North Hempstead Highway Department prepared for a major snowstorm. Click on the image to watch video.

Our members, other workers, responding to Winter Storm Harper
CSEA members delivering public services at state, county, city, town, village, school districts and private facilities, along with thousands more essential direct care, law enforcement, 9-1-1 and emergency service workers are among those responding to Winter Storm Harper, which is set to dump deep snow across the entire state. If you must travel during the storm, please be safe. Thank you for all that you do!


CSEA Headshots


CSEA President Danny Donohue’s Statement on Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s 2019-20 State Budget Proposal
CSEA President Danny Donohue responded to Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s 2019-20 state budget proposal with the following statement:
“We applaud Governor Cuomo for continuing to stand with working people and organized labor in this year’s budget. The Governor took swift action last year after the U.S. Supreme Court ruled against unions in the Janus decision and immediately moved to protect the personal information of state employees from anti-union forces to prevent state employees from being harassed at their homes and worksites.
Now, the Governor is proposing to extend these crucial protections to all public employees in the state of New York. The Governor’s actions in proposing this legislation is further proof of his strong support for labor at a time when corporate CEOs and billionaires are trying to destroy unions.”


Pay freeze is latest way federal workers are left out in the cold
More than 800,000 federal workers are either furloughed or are working without pay, as a partial government shutdown continues. The shutdown, which began Dec. 22, had increasingly impacted federal services.
In the midst of the shutdown, an executive order was recently issued that freezes federal pay for 2019, including salary adjustments and cost-of-living increases, making it more difficult for working people to sustain basic needs.
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2019 leave accrual sheets now available
Leave accrual sheets for 2019 for state employees and other CSEA members are now available. Leave accruals are an important contractual benefit that we negotiate for our members. You can help guarantee the accuracy of your individual accruals by tracking your leave activities throughout the year.
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Proud Union Household Static Cling FLATTENED
Anti-Union Groups Are Going to Members’ Homes, Worksites
Anti-union groups are going door-to-door, as well to worksites, to try to get our members to quit. Their latest scheme is to convince you to “give yourself a raise” by quitting our union. The wealthy CEOs funding these attacks want to cut our pensions, increase our health care costs and lower our pay. When they come, let them know you’re sticking with our union by printing and displaying “Proud Union Household” signs.

Download a printable PDF
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For more resources see our CSEA Never Quit Toolkit.


NEW hbd logo FINALNYSHIP 2019 plan rates for CSEA active New York State, Unified Court System employees
The State Division of Budget has approved the Empire Plan’s premium rates for 2019 (rates are listed below). The approval of the rates signals the beginning of the option transfer period for state employees. Click on the link to learn more and see rates.
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Gina Barbato, an income maintenance specialist at the Onondaga County Department of Social Services, posts a Proud Union Household window cling to the front door of her home to urge anti-union groups to warn anti-union groups to stay away. (Photo by Mark M. Kotzin)

January Work Force: We are union strong!
The January Work Force is available to read online. In this edition, we show how CSEA members resist the gimmicks of anti-union groups that are trying to get our members to quit their union. Also featured: a member gets reinstated on his job thanks to our union; a surprise snowstorm highlights the vital roles of bus monitors; a look at our 2018 LEAD Program graduates and much more!
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Greenleaf becomes Central Region President
CSEA welcomes Ken Greenleaf as our new Central Region President.
Greenleaf, who previously served as the region’s executive vice president, has taken the place of former Region President Colleen Wheaton, who recently retired.
Greenleaf has worked for the Hannibal Central School District in Oswego County for 34 years, most recently as a cleaning supervisor, and has been a CSEA activist since his unit joined our union in 1996. Until becoming region president, he had served Hannibal Central School District Unit President for the past 20 years and has served in numerous other region and Oswego County Local offices, as well as on CSEA’s Board of Directors
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Delegates are hard at work.

Keeping our union strong: 108th Annual Delegates Meeting
CSEA delegates recently completed important union business to keep CSEA strong during our 108th Annual Delegates Meeting.
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CSEA President Danny Donohue’s Statement on the Passing of Western Region President Flo Tripi
“It is with the deepest sadness CSEA mourns the loss of Florence ‘Flo’ Tripi, President of CSEA’s Western Region.
Flo was active in CSEA for 50 years, serving as a passionate activist and an effective leader. She held elected office for 18 years as CSEA Western Region President. One of our union’s strongest advocates, Flo used her voice to make life better in our communities and in our union. Flo never backed down, stood tall and never failed to represent our members with dignity and heart, by whom she was most beloved.
I am personally deeply saddened by this news. Flo was one of our brightest stars, and a dear, close friend.  Flo was an inspiration to everyone around her. She was a passionate leader and a powerful force in representing CSEA members.”
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NeverQuit-Logo CSEA Never Quit Toolkit
Check out our CSEA Never Quit Toolkit to help us Stay Union, Stay Strong!




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Read This Week in Albany
The latest edition of This Week in Albany is available to read online by clicking the link below.
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CSEA member Ted Forker cuts electric bill to nearly zero
Watch this video about Ted Forker’s recent decision to go solar with CSEA and American Solar Partners and how it was a game changer for his family!


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