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State legislature passes bill to rename portion of highway after Dennis “Matt” Howe
A portion of the state highway system may be named in memoriam of Dennis “Matt” Howe, a CSEA member who passed away in March from injuries he sustained while doing his job in a work zone on a stretch of I-86/Route 17. The bill (S4915-A/A7696-A) strongly supported by CSEA, passed both houses of the legislature on Tuesday, June 18, and is making its way to Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s desk for his signature.


Special Message to all CSEA Department of Transportation Members
We have learned that the Article 51 call out bonus was erroneously not included in the June 12 pay period and that it will be included in the June 26 pay period. We have been in contact with DOT to ensure that this does not happen in the future. If you do not get your Article 51 call out bonus on June 26, please contact your Local President.


PrideSliderJune is National LGBTQ Pride Month
Help celebrate LGBTQ Pride through joining us for a Pride event in your area throughout June and this summer.





On the cover, SUNY Update Local 5th Vice President Ali Cottrell hangs a door knocker on a member’s door in Steuben County. (Photo by Mark M. Kotzin)

June Work Force: Building Our Union Strong
The June Work Force is available to read online. In this edition, we feature an in-depth look at several member engagement outreach efforts that are building our union strong. Also included: our members remember fallen workers; an OPWDD direct support assistant wins a lengthy fight against the Justice Center thanks to help from our union and much more!
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Town of Brookhaven Highway Unit activist Chris Flaherty appears in a new PSA that features town employees.

Town of Brookhaven Highway Unit activist Chris Flaherty appears in a new PSA that features town employees.

New Town of Brookhaven ad urges motorists to ‘move over’
Town of Brookhaven Highway Unit members are featured in a new town-produced public service ad that reminds the motoring public to move over for those in work zones.
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CSEA Director of Legislative and Political Action Fran Turner, right, delivers our union's testimony in opposition to the proposed New York Health Act.

CSEA Director of Legislative and Political Action Fran Turner, right, delivers our union’s testimony in opposition to the proposed New York Health Act.

CSEA delivers testimony opposing the New York Health Act
CSEA Director of Legislative and Political Action Fran Turner provided testimony on behalf of our union Tuesday, May 28, before the State Assembly and Senate Standing Committees on Health, in opposition to the state’s proposed New York Health Act.

The proposal would create a single-payer health care system in New York in an attempt to provide coverage to all New Yorkers. While CSEA supports universal health insurance and has actively lobbied for numerous federal and state laws and programs to increase access to health care services and insurance for millions of Americans, we cannot support this flawed bill for several reasons:

  • A lack of information on costs, which would be passed onto workers through an undefined payroll tax and could nearly double our state budget;
  • The proposal negates collectively-bargained health insurance provisions in favor of a one-size-fits-all approach; and
  • The proposal could negatively impact public retirees who continue to have employer-sponsored health coverage.

In our testimony, Turner outlined several solutions the state could implement that would insure all New Yorkers without drastically altering our current health care delivery and financing system.
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CSEA applauds state legislators for passage of school bus camera legislation
CSEA President Danny Donohue congratulated both New York State legislative houses for passing a bill that will improve school bus safety by supplying the buses with exterior cameras to increase enforcement against drivers who illegally pass stopped buses. CSEA represents thousands of bus drivers across the state.
“We hear from our school bus drivers every day about drivers who illegally pass their stopped buses, putting the children they drive at risk,” Donohue said. “Our bus drivers and monitors are constantly on the watch to protect them, but we can never be too safe. We applaud the members of the State Senate and Assembly for passing this law, which will give law enforcement a great tool to prosecute people who put our school children at risk.”
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CSEA provides testimony opposing divesting state pension fund from fossil fuels
CSEA provided testimony to the State Senate Finance Committee on a bill that would require the state Common Retirement Fund to divest its assets from fossil fuels.
Our union opposes this proposal because such a mandate would make it more difficult for the retirement fund to make prudent investment decisions and would limit available growth opportunities to ensure the fund remains solvents for current and future retirees.
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Watch the video of the Workers’ Memorial Day observance in Cortland.

CSEA members participate in Workers’ Memorial Day events
CSEA members across the state recently participated in numerous events to observe Workers’ Memorial Day, which was April 28, to remember those who died or became severely injured while doing their jobs. In addition to remembering fallen brothers and sisters, Workers’ Memorial Day is also used to renew our ongoing commitment to safe and healthy workplaces. To see photo and video from events, visit your region’s Facebook page.





Madison County Local 1st Vice President Karen Bright, center, is congratulated on receiving the Irene Carr Leadership Award by Central Region President Kenny Greenleaf, left, and CSEA President Danny Donohue, right.

CSEA Women’s Conference: Empowering Union Women
CSEA’s recent Women’s Conference, held in Tarrytown, focused heavily on empowering our members with the skills and knowledge to help us stay union and stay strong. Union women are key to facing our challenges in our ongoing fight for fairness and equality for all workers.
Conference highlights included plenary addresses by Coalition of Labor Union Women national President Elise Bryant and AFSCME International Secretary-Treasurer Elissa McBride; the presentation of the Irene Carr Leadership Award to Madison County Local 1st Vice President Karen Bright and numerous sessions centering on building our union.
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Read more about Irene Carr Leadership Award recipient Karen Bright


2019 leave accrual sheets now available
Leave accrual sheets for 2019 for state employees and other CSEA members are now available. Leave accruals are an important contractual benefit that we negotiate for our members. You can help guarantee the accuracy of your individual accruals by tracking your leave activities throughout the year.
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Proud Union Household Static Cling FLATTENED
Anti-Union Groups Are Going to Members’ Homes, Worksites
Anti-union groups are going door-to-door, as well to worksites, to try to get our members to quit. Their latest scheme is to convince you to “give yourself a raise” by quitting our union. The wealthy CEOs funding these attacks want to cut our pensions, increase our health care costs and lower our pay. When they come, let them know you’re sticking with our union by printing and displaying “Proud Union Household” signs.

Download a printable PDF
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For more resources see our CSEA Never Quit Toolkit.


NEW hbd logo FINALNYSHIP 2019 plan rates for CSEA active New York State, Unified Court System employees
The State Division of Budget has approved the Empire Plan’s premium rates for 2019 (rates are listed below). The approval of the rates signals the beginning of the option transfer period for state employees. Click on the link to learn more and see rates.
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CSEA President Danny Donohue’s Statement on the Passing of Western Region President Flo Tripi
“It is with the deepest sadness CSEA mourns the loss of Florence ‘Flo’ Tripi, President of CSEA’s Western Region.
Flo was active in CSEA for 50 years, serving as a passionate activist and an effective leader. She held elected office for 18 years as CSEA Western Region President. One of our union’s strongest advocates, Flo used her voice to make life better in our communities and in our union. Flo never backed down, stood tall and never failed to represent our members with dignity and heart, by whom she was most beloved.
I am personally deeply saddened by this news. Flo was one of our brightest stars, and a dear, close friend.  Flo was an inspiration to everyone around her. She was a passionate leader and a powerful force in representing CSEA members.”
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NeverQuit-Logo CSEA Never Quit Toolkit
Check out our CSEA Never Quit Toolkit to help us Stay Union, Stay Strong!




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Read This Week in Albany
The latest edition of This Week in Albany is available to read online by clicking the link below.
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CSEA member Ted Forker cuts electric bill to nearly zero
Watch this video about Ted Forker’s recent decision to go solar with CSEA and American Solar Partners and how it was a game changer for his family!


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Want your college degree? With AFSCME’s new Free College Benefit, you can make that happen at NO cost! AFSCME has partnered with Eastern Gateway Community College to earn an online degree from an accredited school! To learn more about this exciting benefit, visit or call 1-888-305-5534.
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