Changing Your NYSHIP Health Insurance Option for 2020

It’s that time of year to determine your 2020 health insurance options.  The annual NYSHIP option transfer period will be held after the 2020 health insurance premiums are approved.

Changes Allowed During the Option Transfer Period:

  • Changing your Pre-Tax Contribution Program (PTCP) election;
  • Changing your New York State Health Insurance Program (NYSHIP) option to one of the following:
    • The Empire Plan
    • A NYSHIP Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) where you live or work
    • The Opt Out Program

New in 2020:

  • The PTCP election period will run concurrently with the Option Transfer Period. The dates will be announced once the rates have been approved.
  • For State enrollees currently enrolled in the Opt-Out Program, no action is necessary if you are still eligible and wish to maintain your enrollment in the Opt-out Program for the 2020 plan year.
    • Contact your Agency Health Benefits Administrator, located in your Personnel Office or the New York State Business Services Center, regarding any change which would impact your eligibility to receive the Opt-out incentive payments or if you lose your other employer-sponsored health coverage.

Other Changes Permitted During the Option Transfer Period

  • Change from Family to Individual coverage (regardless of whether a qualifying event has affected your dependents’ eligibility)
  • Change from Individual to Family coverage (late enrollment provisions will apply)
  • Voluntarily cancel your coverage (regardless of whether a qualifying event has affected your eligibility)
  • Enroll in NYSHIP coverage (late enrollment provisions will apply)

Your agency has been sent Health Insurance Choices for 2020, your guide to NYSHIP options.  If you are thinking about changing your option or newly enrolling in NYSHIP, ask your HBA for a copy or go to NYSHIP Online and read the descriptions of plans in your area to compare the benefits that are important to you and your family.