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CSEA Supports Organizing Workers

CSEA supports the principle that there is dignity in all work and that every worker has the inalienable right to join with co-workers and form a union. We advocate for workers’ rights, recognize that there is strength in numbers, hold employers accountable, will commit the necessary resources to organizing and we support all AFL-CIO affiliates’ organizing efforts.

Advocate Workers’ Rights: We are a voice for workers to affect the balance between the employers’ expectations and the worker’s right to respect and fairness. We advocate for all workers, leveling the playing field between working people and the corporate interests which control America’s wealth, often at the expense of America’s workers.

Strength in numbers: We enhance our strength by organizing the unorganized as well as affiliating independent worker organizations into the CSEA family.

Hold employers accountable: We use our power and influence to ensure that employers are held accountable for their actions. We use that same power to ensure that there is dignity and justice in the workplace for those providing services and that quality care is available for everyone, including those unable to care for themselves.

Commit necessary resources to organizing: We will commit the necessary resources at National, State, Local and Unit levels to fully implement our overall organizing agenda.

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