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When we vote, positive change can happen
Our votes truly make a difference, particularly during local government election years when turnout at the polls is historically lower.
The results of these local elections can have a very strong impact on our daily lives, so it’s important we get out to vote on November 5, or before if you take advantage of early voting.
A success story
If anyone needs an example of how we can make positive change when we stick together and vote for labor-friendly candidates, look no further than our members’ efforts on behalf of Westchester County Executive George Latimer.
Latimer handily defeated incumbent Rob Astorino for the county’s top job in 2017, thanks
in large part to CSEA members in Westchester County not just voting, but also campaigning on Latimer’s behalf.
The victory ended a painful era for CSEA members working for Westchester County, who grappled with Astorino’s austerity budgeting and refusal to negotiate a fair contract.
“Our members recognized that if we were going to reach a contract agreement, it would come from
a new county executive,” said Westchester County Unit President Karen Pecora. “They realized the power we had, to elect a county
executive who would work for us instead of against us. Since George Latimer took office, we’ve been able to settle a contract after going seven years without reaching a deal with Astorino. We’ve had other positive movement since then, most recently securing inclement weather language for our workers.”
Monroe County Executive candidate Adam Bello, fourth from right, stands with CSEA and AFSCME members shortly after receiving our union’s endorsement.
 NEWS Danny Donohue, President FALL 2019
Member volunteers devoted
months to the campaign, something to be protected and and thrive. Because no matter who volunteering regularly at phone respected, that’s why I’m honored you are, where you live, or who you banks, participating in labor walks, to receive the endorsement of know, you deserve the very best and posting regularly on social CSEA and AFSCME,” said Bello, from those who serve you.”
media. They also showed up at
the polls in force. The time they
invested contributed to Latimer’s
Showing strong support
Nearly two years after Latimer’s victory, CSEA members in Monroe County are working hard to get out the vote for Adam Bello, our union’s endorsed candidate for Monroe County Executive.
Our members’ efforts include distributing campaign literature, phone banking, knocking on voters’ doors and sharing social media content about why Bello is the best choice for working people.
Bello, presently the Monroe County Clerk and former supervisor of the Town of Irondequoit, has steadfastly shown his commitment to fighting for working people.
“It’s important for us to recall that labor is not a commodity, but
after receiving our union’s endorsement earlier this year. “Labor is the cornerstone of
our community, and it is time to once again recognize that we can accomplish more together than
we can apart. Our community deserves a government as good as its people. One that lifts people up and fosters an environment where every hardworking family can grow
Bello’s support for working people and retirees, along with a strong track record, has earned our members’ respect. Whether you live in Monroe County or elsewhere in our state, you can make a major difference in your community by going to the polls and voting for candidates who support you.
— Jessica Ladlee and Ove Overmyer
NYS Early Voting!
Beginning October 26, you can vote for CSEA endorsed candidates.
Vote Early, Vote Now!
To see a list of CSEA-endorsed candidates in your region and learn more about your county’s plan for early voting, visit /vote.
If you do not have Internet access or wish to volunteer for an endorsed candidate, contact your region office.
Long Island Region: (631) 462-0030 Metropolitan Region: (212) 406-2156 Southern Region: (845) 831-1000
Capital Region: (518) 782-4400 Central Region: (315) 433-0050 Western Region: (716) 691-6555

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