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AT STAKE: Cuts to essential services! Furloughs! Layoffs!
A decrease in our quality of life as New Yorkers!

Action #1:
Call 202-224-3121
Tell Senators Schumer and Gillibrand:
Fight for $1 Trillion in local government and state aid! 

Action #2:
Email Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell's proposed stimulus plan is unacceptable and does not contain ANY aid to our state and local governments. This will lead to huge cuts to public services. We MUST fight back! Fill out this form to immediately send a letter to U.S. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and tell him any stimulus plan that doesn't offer relief to our states and local governments to preserve our public services is unacceptable.

Action #3:

Twitter users: Click the module below to tweet the Senate Majority Leader to demand he not leave public services behind!

Latest News Update!

Top State Elected Officials Send Joint Letter to New York’s Congressional Delegation Outlining Urgent Need for Federal Aid for State and Local Governments

Learn more about the coming economic crisis that could decimate our quality of life and the services we all rely on!

With New York hit harder by the pandemic than most states, our state budget cannot handle the economic crisis caused by the virus, without huge cuts to vital services and programs New Yorkers depend on every day.

CSEA President Mary E. Sullivan recently warned that the budget is unsustainable for our state and localities without a massive influx of unrestricted aid from our federal government.

Now, it’s time to get EVERY CSEA member fired up and taking a stand to save our state’s public services.

Without federal relief, New York’s public services will be decimated.

  • The COVID-19 pandemic has caused massive revenue losses and unemployment for state and local governments as we social distance and fight this crisis.
  • The recently passed state budget promises serious economic distress for all New Yorkers. We are living in a new economic reality that cannot sustain the services New Yorkers need—from mental health and public health, to sanitation services and job placement.
  • The very services that New Yorkers are relying on to get us through this unprecedented crisis may disappear if we do not receive billions in federal aid.
  • The very workers who are showing up every day to ensure our health, safety, and way of life will soon be faced with massive layoffs.

Direct and unrestricted aid to state and local governments is desperately needed to fund the front lines and to cushion the economic blow.

  • State and local governments are putting massive resources into fighting this pandemic on the front lines. We can’t leave their economies shattered as we pull through this crisis.
  • New York cannot weather the estimated $15 billion loss in revenue to our state and local governments without a commitment for robust federal aid.
  • $200 billion is needed nationally for local governments, along with the flexibility in how our state and local governments can use the funds to adapt to a rapidly changing reality, not just to pay for COVID-related expenses.

Increase Medicaid funding now

  • Although the second Families First Coronavirus Response Act increased Federal Medicaid match to states by 6.2%, it’s simply not enough.
  • As a growing population turns to Medicaid services, we need an increase in funding to ensure that the program is fully funded and that local governments can continue to provide all critical services.

Congress needs to act NOW

  • The simple fact is our schools, local governments, and the State of New York need billions in direct and unrestricted aid immediately to prevent disaster.
  • Just as our essential workers are putting their communities first, it is time for congress to act NOW to save New York.