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What CSEA Is Working On


Learn about important legislation on which our union is actively lobbying.

Fix Tier 6

Take action today! It’s time to Fix Tier 6!
The state’s pension system is meant to serve as a recruitment and retention tool. Since the creation of Tier 6, it no longer does.

Under Tier 6, people have less incentive to take a public-sector job, and public workers are less likely to stay with that job.

CSEA helped achieve positive changes to Tier 6 two years ago through members’ phone calls, emails and meetings with state legislators. Now, it’s time to build on these changes and continue fighting to make Tier 6 a fair pension plan for workers.

Visit the Fix Tier 6 page today to email your legislators, and download and share our call to action flyer. Let’s flood legislators’ inboxes and let them know that CSEA members demand improvements to Tier 6!

2024-25 New York State Budget

2024 Proposed Budget Summary
On January 16, Gov. Kathy Hochul released her 2024-25 Executive Budget. CSEA’s legislative staff has reviewed the governor’s budget proposal and provided a detailed summary of the proposed budget’s impact on CSEA.
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Read CSEA’s FY 24-25 budget proposal testimony to the Joint Labor & Workforce Development Committee

Pending State Legislation

The following bills have passed both houses of the state legislature and are awaiting action by the Governor:


Our union’s successes


The following successes are due to the activism of CSEA members

Tier 6 reform

CSEA is celebrating the inclusion of reforms to the Tier 6 pension plan in the FY 2025 State Budget.

The enacted state budget includes a change to how pensions are calculated. Under the new law, a Tier 6 employee’s pension will be based on their top three years of earnings instead of five years. This change will increase retirement security for Tier 6 employees and make Tier 6 look more like earlier pension tiers.

View and download Tier 6 flyer

2023 New York State Budget

The governor and legislature agreed on a final budget on May 2. CSEA was able to secure numerous wins, including new policies and programs to help increase hiring in state and local governments.

See a complete budget summary and key points