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NY Health Act
New York State Budget

The Fiscal Year 2022-23 State Budget is expected to be released by January 18, 2022. We will post all information about its impact on CSEA members on this page.


Legislative Victories

CSEA had numerous legislative victories in 2021 due to your advocacy and action! Stay tuned, because we know we will be able to accomplish even more in 2022!

Work zone Safety

Governor Hochul signed legislation to allow speed cameras to be placed in active work zones to make our roads safer for workers and drivers, and to ensure that the dedicated CSEA members that make our roads safe for travel get to go home safe at the end of the day.


Childcare Provider Direct Deposit

A major CSEA/VOICE priority was signed in 2021! Governor Hochul signed legislation to require all counties to offer child care providers the option to be paid by direct deposit!


Nursing Home Staffing

The Governor has signed legislation creating a statewide standard for hours of care for nursing home residents. Please read this fact sheet for details and how it will affect CSEA members that work in nursing homes.


Hospital Staffing Levels

In 2021, legislation was signed into law to require the formation of staffing committees in every hospital in the state. The committees will work to determine how many nurses (including RNs, LPNs, and CNAs) are required to be in each unit. This will help better staff our facilities and give patients better quality care.


Veterans’ Civil Service Equity

Governor Hochul Signed legislation to ensure that all honorably discharged veterans are eligible for additional points on civil service examinations in recognition of their service. Previously, only veterans who served during specific times and theatres of war were eligible for these credits.


OPWDD Care Pilots

Legislation was enacted in 2021 to continue, for three additional years, OPWDD Care Pilot programs. These programs offer state operated community based programs for the developmentally disabled. These programs include community habilitation, in-home respite, pathways to employment, supported employment, and community pre-vocational.


DMNA Firefighters

After years of fighting, the Governor finally signed legislation to grant DMNA firefighters a performance of duty disability benefit. This law grants firefighters employed by DMNA a 50% final average salary pension if they are physically or mentally incapacitated because of a disability caused by an on-the-job injury.


First Responder In Communications

This new law creates a new classification for public safety dispatchers as “first responders in communications.” For too long, emergency dispatch operators have not been viewed as first responders, even though they are usually the first person someone speaks to when reporting a health or safety emergency. This law will begin the process of ensuring that we view these workers as first responders and will allow us to begin having a broader discussion around what we can do to recruit and retain additional workers in this field.


Local Governments
Support Probation Officers

Probation officers play a vital role in keeping our communities safe. While facing many of the same risks and threats as other law enforcement personnel, Probation officers are not eligible for the same medical and wage protections that other law enforcement and first responders are entitled to. This bill would allow, at local option, counties to offer full pay and benefits for county probation officers who are injured on the job.

Click here to write your legislators in support of this bill


Don’t Eliminate Corrections Staff

The New York State Legislature is considering legislation (A.1962 – Barrett / S.5477 – Benjamin) that would make it easier for counties to eliminate staff at county correctional facilities.

These decisions would be made at a time when it is impossible to distinguish the impact of COVID-19 on jail populations from any general decline in the inmate census.

Write to your legislator today and tell them not to put workers out of a job and hurt our communities!


School Districts


Discipline Rights for Part-Time Teaching Assistants

Under current New York State Law, part-time teaching assistants can be fired for any reason and have no rights to a hearing, unless it is specified in a union contract. All other educational, municipal, and state employees, regardless of job, have discipline rights written in state law.

Click here to ask the legislature to support A. 6978 / S. 6206 which will guarantee part-time teaching assistants the right to a hearing if they are facing termination by a school district or a BOCES.





CSEA was very successful in securing much needed federal aid due to members and retirees contributing to our PEOPLE Program.  Through PEOPLE we are able to lobby our congressional representatives and have a strong voice on federal issues.  If you are not already a PEOPLE contributor, please learn more by contacting Kim Wallace-Russo 518 436-8622 or email


VOICE Child Care
Child Care Rate Differential

Under current state law, counties must pay only an additional 5% per child if they require non-traditional hours of care or come from a family that is homeless. Unfortunately, that is not enough to incentivize provides to offer care to children in these categories and leaves families requiring services with few legal and licensed options.

Legislation strongly supported by CSEA/VOICE would require that all counties pay a 15% rate differential for children in these categories, which will better compensate providers and encourage more providers to provide care to these children.

Contact your state senator and assembly members today and ask them to co-sponsor and support this legislation.