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What CSEA Is Working On


Learn about important legislation on which our union is actively lobbying.

2024-25 New York State Budget

2024 Proposed Budget Summary
On January 16, Gov. Kathy Hochul released her 2024-25 Executive Budget. CSEA’s legislative staff has reviewed the governor’s budget proposal and provided a detailed summary of the proposed budget’s impact on CSEA.
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Read CSEA’s FY 24-25 budget proposal testimony to the Joint Labor & Workforce Development Committee

Fix Tier 6

CSEA is advocating for the following proposals to improve Tier 6:

  • Reduce the required employee contribution from a variable rate to 3%.
  • Increase pension benefits from 35% to 40% of average final salary after 20 years of service.
  • Change the basis for final average salary calculations to the three highest consecutive years of earnings, rather than 5 years.


Pending State Legislation

The following bills have passed both houses of the state legislature and are awaiting action by the Governor:


Our union’s successes


The following successes are due to the activism of CSEA members

2023 New York State Budget

The governor and legislature agreed on a final budget on May 2. CSEA was able to secure numerous wins, including new policies and programs to help increase hiring in state and local governments.

See a complete budget summary and key points