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Labor Definitions

Representative Definitions


The steward is responsible for communicating with workers and educating workers about important workplace issues.

The steward is the most visible part of the Union to the rank-and-file membership. Stewards keep members involved with the Union and that membership involvement and commitment is a basic ingredient for a successful, effective union.

The local/unit president designates and appoints activists as stewards. The Local and Unit Constitutions and By-Laws require presidents to appoint as many stewards as necessary.

The steward is not trained/certified to represent members in grievance or disciplinary matters.


The local/unit president designates and appoints activists as grievance representatives. These activists are responsible for handling the representation of the Local/unit bargaining unit employees in the investigation and filing of grievances.

Discipline Representatives

The local/unit president designates and appoints activists as representatives in disciplinary proceedings. These activists are responsible for representing members in disciplinary proceedings.

No officer or activist may handle/process a grievance or represent a member in a disciplinary proceeding until he/she has attended CSEA training and received the appropriate certification and appointment.

In accordance with Article V, Section 6: Duties of Officers of the Local and Unit Constitutions, “All Officers shall attend Officers’ Training sessions, Grievance Training Sessions as well as Disciplinary Training Sessions as provided by the Association. Failure to abide by these requirements may result in the office being declared vacant.”

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