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Member Engagement

Why is Member Engagement so important?

If CSEA were a car, engagement would be the gasoline. Member engagement fuels our core objectives and builds our union stronger.

By consistently keeping members engaged, we attract and keep members. When we keep our members engaged, we better our ability to deliver on our advocacy agenda, deliver better contracts and push through legislative wins.

But effective member engagement isn’t clear cut. You can’t go to school and major in it. It comes down to simply being visible, being available, being open to new faces and volunteers. It means asking members to get involved and being active in your community and workplace. 

For CSEA Activist Leaders: Here are some great ways to engage your members: 

1. Conduct a Member Engagement "Blitz"

A blitz is when you gather your officers and anyone who wants to help and go knock on members’ doors to have one-on-one conversations at their homes. This allows members to feel free to ask questions or just talk without being judged or influenced. It allows us the opportunity to LISTEN to what they want from our union.

2. Have regular union meetings.

Have union meetings with substance. Bring in elected officials or other department heads to speak on a subject. Bring in other union officials to speak about issues going on in your community or throughout the state. Make your meetings fun but informative.

3. Communicate!

Gather ideas from your members, survey your members to gain insight on what is on their minds, and develop communication tools like emails, Facebook, or Twitter feeds to keep people informed.

4. Hold a union "Activity of the Month"

At your workplace, have our union sponsor a button day, lollipop day, coffee hour, lunch and learn, solidarity shirt day, or some other simple activity, to keep our union visible in your workplace.

5. Sponsor a local youth activity team

Every community has a little league, youth soccer, softball, or other youth program. Have your union local sponsor a team, a bbq, or other event. Be present at their ceremonies or other events. People notice when our union is engaged in our communities.

For assistance with any of the above ideas, please contact CSEA’s Member Engagement Division by calling 1-800-342-4146.

Not an activist leader, but still want to get involved? Engage yourself with CSEA! Here are some great ways to get involved.