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State Operations

September 25, 2020

CSEA/SUNY Memorandum of Understanding regarding COVID-19 Testing

October 2020 Payroll Bulletin

The State Comptroller’s Office has issued a bulleting regarding payment of Longevity Bonuses in October 2020.  Read the full bulletin.

New Information – July 21, 2020


In addition to these, more information can be found at

Reporting to the CSEA Legal Department, State Operations negotiates and administers the collective bargaining agreements for the State Executive Branch (ASU, ISU, OSU, DMNA), the Unified Court System and the NYS Canal Corporation.

State Operations includes responsibility for statewide labor/management meetings, trouble-shooting with agencies on a variety of topics, and processing contract, non-contract, and time and attendance disciplinary grievances at the statewide level.

Additionally, State Operations handles improper practice charges with PERB on agency-wide issues, oversees the Joint Committee on Education and Training (The Partnership), Work Life Services (EAP and Family Benefits), Career Mobility Office, Safety and Health (along with CSEA’s OSH Department), Workers’ Compensation, Article 46 Committee and Temporary/ Seasonal Employees.

If you have a question regarding your contract or a work related issue, please contact your local representatives as your first resort.  If you are unable to contact your local representatives, please contact the State Operations Department.

Current Issues impacting State Employees:

Making changes to end mandatory overtime nightmare for OPWDD workers

To all the OPWDD workers out there – thank you for what you do! Your caring, strength, and perseverance means so much to those we serve.

Many of you have shared with our union your frustration and concerns with the working conditions in OPWDD, especially with the massive overtime being mandated. Let me assure you, you are being heard.

Our union has been working at the highest levels with the state to address these issues across the state and come up with creative solutions to get more staff hired as quickly as possible. We are expecting progress in the very near future.

We know you deserve time with your family and none of us should have to sacrifice our lives just because we care. Just as we successfully fought for and WON double time for mandated OT over 16 hours, we will continue to fight for better working conditions.

Read more in the CSEA Work Force.


Working to reduce DMV staffing problems resulting from Green Light Law and Federal REAL ID changes

CSEA has been working with state leaders to sort out the staffing issues that resulted from the influx of new applicants for drivers licenses as a result of the new Federal REAL ID standards as well as New York’s Green Light Law. We have heard the concerns from members forced into mandatory overtime situations and extended weekend shifts, and continue to push for relief.

Continuing to seek solutions to limit Child Protective Services caseloads

CSEA has fought for years to pass meaningful legislation that will limit the caseloads for Child Protective Workers to better serve the children under their care. CSEA will once again be supporting caseload limit legislation in the current legislative session.

Gaining a safety win for DMV Motor Vehicle License Examiners

CSEA recently was successful in gaining a win for Motor Vehicle License Examiners (MVLE’s) who previously had to deliver potentially upsetting news to people taking their road tests in the closed quarters of their vehicles. This had led to several injuries and threatening situations for DMV workers. Thanks to our CSEA members demanding action, the state has agreed to allow notification to occur outside the vehicles, removing the hazard to workers. Read the story in the CSEA Work Force.